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A Dress A Day is finally posting again after a couple of months hiatus. Meanwhile, in my search through her archives (looking for vintage patterns I can hunt down on Ebay), I came across her post on William Gibson (or rather, a moment where she felt like she was living in a Gibson novel.)
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Alfred Shaheen - ok, so he didn't actually *invent* the Hawaiian shirt (they'd been around since the 1930s) but he popularized them, by starting his own textile-printing operation, inventing his own printing techniques and designing fabrics inspired by native Hawaiian textiles and Asian art.

The fact that Elvis wore his shirts didn't hurt either.
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My god, it's like a live-action version of Lackadaisy; and that is one patient (and stylin') Abyssinian modeling it all.
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Just got back from Bazaar of the Bizarre, Toronto's twice-yearly goth/steampunk/hipster/psychobilly craft fair: Sock monkeys in Superman costumes? They got'em. Dia de los Muertos souvenirs? Check. Aprons and potholders in Frankenstein-printed fabric? Miniature fimo sushi jewelry? Notebooks bound in old vinyl LPs? Yep.

I lent green_trilobite $40 to get a pendant watch that consisted of clockwork inside a magnifying glass bubble. I got a few decorative pins and one of the sushi rings, but resisted the steampunk gear, as I really couldn't justify it as "something I can wear to my cousin's wedding in May." (OK, the sushi ring isn't very wedding-themed either.)


Oct. 23rd, 2010 11:45 am
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Hey, you know those beads made from rolled-up scraps of paper? I actually found a necklace today at the thrift store that was made of some. It's quite pretty, too.
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Via Stylebubble - Wangie, Angela Wang's fashion illustrations "unbounded by budget, sense, or reality." What she says. Her drawing style is a bit reminiscent of the original animated Aeon Flux.

ETA - you know, I think there was a character in Ronald Firbank's Valmouth who wore spiked garters, but these are for those with less ascetic intentions.

Oh, Wow

Apr. 9th, 2010 10:50 pm
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False eyelashes made of paper - but not just any paper - these are based on Chinese decorative paper-cutting. Seriously - you could have little horses or peonies leaping off your eyelids.
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Susie Bubble debates on fashion, defending the quirky.


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