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I’ve been googling variants on the phrase “don’t we go to the same church?” which IIRC was a mid-century LGBT code phrase, but I just keep getting religious advice sites full of women asking if they’re obligated upon marriage to leave their congregation and join their husband’s.

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Concept—a vampire (or other humanoid immortal) who’s already lived through multiple stockmarket crashes and can’t read financial news without yelling “AUGH YOU FOOLS DID NO ONE LEARN *ANYTHING* FROM THE SOUTH SEA COMPANY?!”

moon_custafer: (Omen) commute takes me past the head office of Enbridge Gas at 500 Consumers’ Road, and it’s really quite an attractive piece of late-‘60s architecture, but I can hardly find anything about it online (even the photo below came from an article that was about the neighbourhood in general).

You’d think fans of Brutalist concrete buildings would be all over something like this:

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Andrew’s response to the latest episode of Doom Patrol:
“This show has got its Morris on.”

(My response to one particular scene in the penultimate episode of Umbrella Academy: “I just watched the finale of a bittersweet 1940s romance, with the Trevor Howard role played by a thirteen-year-old and Celia Johnson played by a broken mannequin, and it worked.”)

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Apr. 12th, 2019 03:20 pm
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I just had to confirm that one of the pages in an Arabic translation of one of our manuals reads “This page has been left blank intentionally,” and now I kind of want that on a t-shirt or poster in Arabic calligraphy.


Apr. 11th, 2019 06:35 pm
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I’m pretty sure the guy on the bus who kept tapping me on the shoulder and trying to chat me up when I took out my earbuds to see what he wanted was the same guy I saw doing that to another woman a couple of months ago.

What I’m less sure about is whether he recognized me as the person who got between him and his target last time, and this was therefore meant as payback; or whether he just does this to any woman he sees wearing headphones on that route. I suppose it doesn’t matter much either way.
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This seems a pity, because a story pitting the fans of Kevin Shapiro vs. those of Gavin Gunhold would be hilarious and possibly also terrifying.

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Me: Hey, it would be nice if this story had a brief scene where someone turns on the radio and hears a desperate broadcast from a local late-night DJ who locked himself in the booth when he noticed people acting weird. Sort of a Pontypool shoutout. I’d better check what real-life stations were active on Long Island in the late 1940s.

Internet: The nearest radio stations to the town you’ve picked as your setting were WHLI and WHNY, sister stations both located in Hempstead.

Me: (checks distance on Google maps) Hm, that’s 12 miles from my story location. Maybe it would be better for the broadcast to be perfectly normal, establishing that the problem hasn’t yet spread to the surrounding communities.

Internet: WHLI was a daytime-only station. WHNY was full-time.

Me: Well, this story takes place late at night, so I guess the broadcast had better be coming from WHNY then. What sort of programs did they run overnight?

Internet: Want to know about WHLI? Who sponsored them? Their music programming? Local news stories that put them on the map?

Me: No, I need to know about WHNY.

Internet: Tough luck.

Me: This is for ONE PARAGRAPH.
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Which was so well-attended we couldn’t spot anybody we knew, and Andrew got tired after a half-hour or so, so we drifted away from the crow$ and went home. One of the best signs:

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Tin Toys ( words) by moon_custafer
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The Doctor (Doctor Who), Yasmin Khan, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Case Fic

“Shouldn’t you two have an American officer as liais— never mind, you can see for yourselves there's something phony going on around here."

Yaz couldn’t really say she was surprised that the Doctor’s planned beach trip had gone off-course from the start; but now it was the middle of the night, in America, and a crowd of people were acting very strange.

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How does the TARDIS translation work when the Doctor and companions are around a multilingual group of people? I mean, I suppose when addressed as a group they all hear whatever language they all have in common, or the one most likely to be used as lingua franca in the setting; but if the Doctor takes one person aside, do they perceive it as a switch to their own native tongue? Or are their assumptions (about where the Doctor comes from) a factor?

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A woman just jogged past my office window in an outfit that appeared to consist of a soccer uniform and a balaclava.

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 1898 article by Havelock Ellis – I think one of his unidentified poet friends (the one with the delicate constitution who concluded afterwards that he preferred hashisch) was W. B. Yeats. I find the whole thing oddly endearing.

“Late in the evening I went out on the Embankment, and was absolutely fascinated by an advertisement of ‘Bovril,’ which went and came in letters of light on the other side of the river; I cannot tell you the intense pleasure this moving light gave me, and how dazzling it seemed to me.”
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Got Andrew to watch it with me on YouTube— very good print. 

More squares for the Fritz Lang bingo card:
1. A bunch of people sit around a conference table and smoke intensely.
2. Someone asks a question and we cut to a character in another scene, saying something which answers the first character’s question.

ETA-  3. Incredibly abrupt endings.
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ILast night we rewatched Yellow Submarine (1968j and afterwards I went on the internet hoping to figure out some of the film’s sources for footage to rotoscope, etc. No luck yet, but while googling “multi-plane camera,” hoping to find more detail on that beautiful shot at the beginning of the “Eleanor Rigby” sequence, I learned of L’Idée (1932), by Berthold Bartosch, who had worked with Lotte Reiniger and years later mentored George Dunning (that’s the specific connection to Yellow Submarine — Dunning directed it).

Anyway, of the versions of L’Idée that I could find online, the slightly-less-blurry one is here:

It’s about twenty-five minutes long, done with cut-out animation and soap-on-glass for a lot of the effects. I’ve no idea whether a cleaner copy exists or whether it was always that fuzzy. The symbolism is not exactly subtle— a nude woman representing an Idea (probably Socialism by the looks of things) goes into the world, survives attempts to suppress her, inspires a failed revolt and a lot of martyrs but cannot herself be killed. The bits that work *really* work— I’m especially fond of the shot from inside a cafe as people move along the crowded, rainy sidewalk outside. The score is by Arthur Honegger and uses an early electronic instrument called the Ondes Martenot. Worth seeing if you like early animation, early synths, or Expressionist paintings that move. Possibly NSFW (contains lots of drawings of a symbolic nude lady)


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