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 I don’t know whether I’ve mentioned this before, but there’s Ea-Nasir fanfic. AO3 has more than a half-dozen anfics for a 4,000-year-old customer complaint. My favourite is the one in which Nanni’s scribe, Sit-Sin, patiently talks him out of sending a letter that’s just “Ea-Nasir is a jackal’s bastard,” writ twenty times.
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 Haven't posted in a while, in part because whatever writing steam I have has been diverted into finally starting another fanfic. I've enjoyed the Doctor/Companion dynamic in the most recent season of Doctor Who, enough to try writing around it. The Doctor and Bill aren't really the central characters in this story, just part of the ensemble/PoV, but then that's often how it works on the show. While I'm not really knowledgeable enough to write a convincing archeological expedition, let alone one taking place on another planet in the far future, I take some pride in their troubles not involving a curse.

As always, there are scenes I actually want to write, and then there are far more scenes that have to be written in order to get the characters to the place where the fun scenes can happen, but I've completed and posted four chapters so far -- serializing these things sometimes (not always) forces me to keep going until they reach a conclusion. And it's fun to write something for a popular fandom, because then people actually read it.
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 I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone wrote a Jeeves and Wooster/Blackadder crossover, but I must say the Apollo/Hyacinthos took me by surprise, as did the the mix of fluff and angst and very little actual silliness. Fanfic affords a view straight into other people's ids; depending on how well one's enthusiasms align with theirs, the experience is either horrifying or wonderful -- for me, this was more the latter (TW for trench warfare...)

Blood and Blooms
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Lately I've been falling down the particular rabbit hole that leads to reading fics in fantoms I'm not even part of:

Me, at 9:30 pm the other night: So, on Downton Abbey, I take it that Jimmy isn't *normally* a ghost?

Andrew: Asking the wrong person. Until a couple of months ago I thought it was called "Downtown Abbey."

Me: Well, I'm sure there's an AU fic where it is.

ETA --

Andrew, two minutes ago: HOMAR THE BARBARIAN!

Me: Omar the Barbarian?

Andrew: No, HOMAR! (Holds up screen to show parody comic.)

Me: Like, the French word for 'lobster?'

Andrew: No, *Homer Simpson.*

Me: Oh.
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A question about mpreg in an Alpha/Beta/Omega fic become a smackdown to biological essentialism:

Note -- I'd started noticing references to A-B-O on AO3 in the last couple of months, but hadn't realized it was a trope as opposed to a fandom. I think I'll continue to avoid it, as it sounds like the sort of kink that not only ignores human psychology but basic mammalian biology (YMMV).


Oct. 1st, 2013 07:17 am
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Got up to episode 25 ("One Year Later") of Welcome to Night Vale, and have also been looking over the fanfic. It amuses me that the standard tags for it include "Cecil is Human," "Cecil is Mostly Human," "Cecil is Inhuman," and "Eldritch Abomination Cecil." Also, there's at least one that uses the last-named to unify the different impressions fans have of what Cecil looks like (everyone perceives him differently).

There's also a surprising number (like, at least two or three) fics where Cecil is human/mostly human and also blind -- either totally, or with the ability to perceive humans as heat-signature-like shapes.

Indeed there's an entire Tumblr called Welcome to Disabled Vale dedicated to collecting versions of the characters with disabilities of one kind or another; which I guess is the beauty of a show with (a) no visuals, and (b) a subtext that Night Vale, though eldritch, dystopian, and lethally dangerous, is also a weirdly friendly and accepting place. Not like that Desert Bluffs. Desert Bluffs is the worst town ever.
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"And just how long since we landed in Paris?" asked Clara, between bites of the pain béni the Doctor had brought her in token of apology for having let her sleep in so disgracefully late. Though she supposed that with the TARDIS, wasting the day was, well, impossible. She frowned, and didn't know quite why.Read more... )
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Been reading an excellent Steve-Rogers-before-he-was-Captain-America slashfic, More Man Than You, recced on Making Light.

It's particularly interesting because the writer did a hell of a lot of period research (there are notes at the end of each chapter), and in order to match it with the cannon version of Steve (i.e., small, skinny, but masculine in presentation) has to lampshade that fact that he doesn't totally fit into the gay subculture of the time either, since it seldom broke away from the butch/nellie paradigm.

Also, Steve ekes out a living drawing Tijuana bibles, though he gets to do a real comic book for a while, which features some oddly familiar heroes.....

I suspect the author also read (or maybe wrote) the "Things That Would *Not* Shock Steve Rogers" article from a few months ago -- the narrative points out early on that Steve and Bucky have grown up in the tenements of Brooklyn where there are usually at least half-a-dozen people to each tiny apartment -- they've both seen pretty much every aspect of human biology by the age of fifteen.
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Just read Film Studies -- Or, Four Movies About Captain America and One By Him. Set in the movie-verse. Link goes to chapter 4 because it's my favourite. Steve discovers one of his old training films for the military has gone viral, and JARVIS has to explain the phrase "gone viral."
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Crossposted by hand from Dreamwidth because the automatic crossposts have failed the last few days. Someone on Tumblr asked for a 'sweet, fluffy' Billy Bibbit fic. I couldn't direct them to A Mind Is a Terrible Thing, since I've taken it down to rewrite as an OC fic, but I posted 800-odd words spun off from an idea I had while writing it. Read more... )
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Read down the page (via Stupid Comics) and tell me this western comic couldn't be re-captioned as a (badly-drawn) graphic Hexslinger fanfic....
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Well, the kitchen is only slightly more organized, but the countertops are at least partly visible, the stovetop is clean and I have new dishtowels (bright green); also I knit a teacosy yesterday (magenta) and today's test suggests it works well (catches the drips from the spout.)

Trying to write a bit more for Deadwood S4, but so far I've just got a painfully-detailed description of Doc getting up in the morning. I went and looked at pictures of kerosene lamps/small heaters for kettles.


May. 27th, 2011 07:54 am
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Fragrantwoods has posted a very funny bit of meta-fic, which, um, indirectly references some of my fic towards the end.
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Have begun cross-posting fic to deviantart in the hopes it'll find an appropriate audience.
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Um, you know how recently on fandomsecrets several people have confessed to writing fanfic about a show they've never watched/game they've never played? Well, it's been a couple of years since I last watched S5 Buffy, and I've seen just enough of OFOtCN to know it's too triggery to watch in front of green_trilobite.

Nonetheless, this keeps happening. My main worry is whether I'm getting the tone of the dialogue right - most of the characters I'm basing off descriptions in wikipedia or people's lit-crit essays, and I suspect Ben is a little snarkier than he was on BtVS, but that's because I've discovered I don't like him much and I enjoy making him all passive-aggressive and manipulative.
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As if I needed any more proof of how foolhardy I am, this week I decided to jump in and try to write that BtVS/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest crossover I’d been contemplating for the last couple of years. This, mind you, is without rewatching BtVS S5, and without *ever* having seen most of OFOtCK….So far it’s not going where I expected it to – I was planning Glorificus/Billy, and instead my brain is churning out Ben/Annoying Self-Pity, and the far more interesting Billy/Magazine Photos (is it still called decoupage when they won’t let you have scissors?)
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There are at least five Hark a Vagrant fanfics out there....
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Remember the world's most cruelly tantalizing April Fool's hoax? Well, at least there's fanfic.


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