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anna may wong, beth in battle mode, billy bishop, bog bodies, bonzo dog band, bpal, brad dourif, buster keaton, c. l. moore, cats, charles lamb, chevalier d'eon, chevalier st-george, cocktails, comtesse de segur, cory doctorow, costuming, daniel pinkwater, deadwood, dirigibles, does not equal, dog hamlets, dog-headed saints, dolls, dorothy l. sayers, dr. who, dr. zoidberg, e.j. pratt, emperor norton, empress theodora, fairytales, fanfic, farinelli, feminism, fleischer studios, foundation sacrifices, francis picabia, frederic brown, g. k. chesterton, gemma files, ghost in the shell, ghost stories, good omens (novel), h. c. bailey, harold lloyd, hats, hela cells, ikea hacks, infinity dresses, jason taniguchi, joan aiken, joe cook, john dickson carr, joss whedon, karakuri ningyo, knitting, little tich, lolcats, lud-in-the-mist, m. r. james, making light, manly wade wellman, margery allingham, marx brothers, mary lamb, medical curiosities, meez, meret oppenheim, mervyn peake, miller britain, movies, neurodiversity, opera atelier, orson welles, paul klee, philip ahn, pre-fab, ravelry, raymond chandler, raymond scott, richard dadd, sacred harp, saki, sarah vowell, schiaparelli, scopitones, serial diners, slacktivist, spongebob, steampunk, steve buscemi, strongbad, stylebubble, superheroes, t-shirt surgery, temple grandin, the tick, tom waits, toronto, treemonisha, viv stanshall, weird tales magazine, wilkie collins, will eisner, wondermark, xkcd, york cycle
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