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Via Google Books, I've found a brief humorous Victorian piece about a man obsessed with punctuality who finally gets into music when the concept of tempo is explained to him, but then decides that the best instrument is a metronome, and that the next best thing would be a fully-automated orchestra. Basically he wants electronica/synth about a hundred years before its time. Also has cute little illustrations of the steam-powered automaton musicians.
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Given that this "H. P. Lovecraft, advice columnist" piece has been doing the rounds, I thought I'd post a bit of Lovecraft parodying himself in letters to a friend:

To Clark Ashton Smith

Onyx Sea-Cliffs of Kho --
Hour when low tide bares that daemon-carven reef wherefrom men avert their glance …
June 14, 1933
Dear Klarkash-Ton: -- Read more... )
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Seems I'm not the only one with questions about Inspector Javert's methods:
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Making a bow drill from IKEA odds and ends, then using it to start a fire, with more IKEA products as kindling.
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My brother's facebook page drew my attention to this "name Toronto's latest condo" contest. Somehow I suspect that not all the entries are serious.
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Dance class, yesterday. We do an exercise with lots of up-and-down arm movements.

Teacher: Your arms should be feeling tired. I know mine are.

Me: Heh. “I just flew in from Vegas, and boy are my arms tired.”

Woman next to me: Oh, you were in Vegas? How was it?

Me: No, it’s – it’s a joke. You know, like old stand-up comics : “Hey folks – I just flew in from Vegas – boy, are my arms tired?”

Woman: …….

It’s a good thing I didn’t reference the “Take my wife – please!” bit, or she’d probably have expressed sympathy that my same-sex civil union was going through a rough patch.
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"The colourful holiday customs of our European friends" AKA Funny Headline Composition Theatre.


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