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Two Elderly British Actors Reenact a YouTube Comment Fight, #2: Fireman Saves Kitten.

What amuses me most is the filming style -- I keep expecting Ernest Thesiger to stroll in. I also like the way the gent on the left says "WIN" and raises his brandy snifter.

Hats Hat

May. 13th, 2013 01:15 pm
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The man who designed this hat (that would be Benjamin B. Greenfield of Chicago, btw) is my new hero.
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"Love Song" is my favourite of Keri Maaren's songs -- I've seen her perform locally several times, and she deserves wider attention. This one is every love song by an alternative female songwriter you've ever heard on the radio.
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My brother has a word for words like "bromance:" Abortmanteau.
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... for drawing my attention to this Star Trek Mummers' Play.
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I suspect this has been going 'round the internets for a while, but I only came across it today.

Should I be worried I be worried that Cash didn't tick off any of the "done" boxes?


Feb. 26th, 2012 08:48 am
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I missed this sketch when MAD Tv was actually running: Living Next Door to Catwoman. Phil Lamarr as Andy, Debra Wilson as Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.
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Found on, of all places, the Spoonflower fabric POD website, accompanying a design of piping and robots:

(A Robot Joke) ~~~query~~~ what is optimal number of humanoid automatons to fabricate comprehensive logic module for mechanical rodent components? ~~~diagnosis~~~ does not compute. must self destruct. ~~~~(initiate amusement verbalization for transmission to auditory sensors)~~~~ ~ha~ha~ha~ (yup, robots aren't the best comedians)
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Trails of Tarnation a web series about Jeff and Derek, two exceedingly dim western outlaws, and their bizarre adventures on a tiny set.
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I see that because I mentioned a certain sexy-british-sf-show a few posts back, there are now ads for the comic on my sidebar. Apparently it’s brought to readers by John Barrowman. I suspect that’s not literally true – if it is, Mr. Barrowman’s going to be racking up a lot of frequent flyer points, and I don’t want to know how many fans will be claiming they don’t have their wallets handy, and is there some other way they can make it up to him….


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