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If your lunch includes beer, that is.


May. 21st, 2012 06:14 pm
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It seems there finally is a "Ravelry for Sewing" :

ETA - in fact there are two, SeamedUP is primarily for quilting, My Sewing Circle is more garment-oriented.
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I did not sell a single hat in eight hours of manning a table while techno (?) blared in the background. Mind you, the woman next to me who's a veteran of these shows and makes beautiful hair ornaments only sold, like, two of them, so maybe it was just a slow day. I'm trying to draw lessons from it for next time:

1. Use a plainer fabric for my table cloth - no one actually said so, but I suspect a lot of my wares were hard to see against the pattern.

2. Brighter colours - Half the people there had hair dyed black or dark red - the hats and hair ornaments wouldn't have stood out if they'd tried them on.

3. Different fastening mechanisms - I sewed those stretchy circular hair combs to my hats, because I've found them to be the most comfortable and secure way of holding them on my head; but the learning curve was too steep for my potential customers. U-shaped hairbands are ugly and uncomfortable, but at least people know how to put them on.

4. Maybe I should avoid calling them "hats." At least three people said "oh, they're lovely, but I'm just not a hat person." Possible if I stick to really small fascinators and call them "decorated headbands," people won't be scared off.


Mar. 29th, 2012 01:17 pm
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I hate jump rings, and I hate needle-nosed pliers that won't grip. Also, I think I just pulled a muscle in my neck or shoulder.
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An upcoming craft sale has a circus sideshow theme. Which name would most make you want to pull back a curtain?

a) The Mystery Hat

b) The Mer-Hat

c) The Mutant Hat

d) The Hat of Weird
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I don't recall if I mentioned it here, but I *did* get a table at Bazaar of the Bizarre, so if you're in Toronto April 1 (sic), see you there! Chizine Publications will have a table too, as always.
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Found on, of all places, the Spoonflower fabric POD website, accompanying a design of piping and robots:

(A Robot Joke) ~~~query~~~ what is optimal number of humanoid automatons to fabricate comprehensive logic module for mechanical rodent components? ~~~diagnosis~~~ does not compute. must self destruct. ~~~~(initiate amusement verbalization for transmission to auditory sensors)~~~~ ~ha~ha~ha~ (yup, robots aren't the best comedians)
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A sampler embroidered by a British officer captured by the Germans. There's a hidden message.
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Free account, so I can’t actually do polls

What’s your opinion on extreme primitive dolls?

(a) I like them.
(b) I don’t like them.
(c) The whole concept of making fake antique folk art is weird.
(d) Uh-oh, looks like Goody Elspeth’s been hexing the neighbours again.
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From the Subversive Cross-stitch Flickr group.
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Finished the short-row ribbed turban; green_trilobite photographed it for me, but the details on a black hat don't show up well, so I'm re-knitting it in red. This should also confirm the pattern so I can write it down. I want to call the main hat "Mother Ship" and the detachable ornament which can double as a fascinator in its own right "Escape Pod." This attempt to tweak the pattern didn't work so well, though.

Also, I'm tempted to bling up these wedges, to which I've already added ribbon ankle ties; the heels aren't actually cork, they're some kind of smooth foam printed to look like cork. After I get paid next week I'm thinking of hitting the dollar store for some acrylic paint (maybe purple!) and rhinestones; or I could draw on the heels in sharpie once I've put down a base coat. We'll see.
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This girl has some impressive crochet skills. A Study in Stitching.
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Someone made a Seventh Doctor sock monkey. He has a felt sonic screwdriver.
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So, my cousin's wedding is in late May, and the theme colour is blue. OK, I can do blue: Read more... )
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Not sure this even counts as a craft, but:
Read more... )
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Just got back from Bazaar of the Bizarre, Toronto's twice-yearly goth/steampunk/hipster/psychobilly craft fair: Sock monkeys in Superman costumes? They got'em. Dia de los Muertos souvenirs? Check. Aprons and potholders in Frankenstein-printed fabric? Miniature fimo sushi jewelry? Notebooks bound in old vinyl LPs? Yep.

I lent green_trilobite $40 to get a pendant watch that consisted of clockwork inside a magnifying glass bubble. I got a few decorative pins and one of the sushi rings, but resisted the steampunk gear, as I really couldn't justify it as "something I can wear to my cousin's wedding in May." (OK, the sushi ring isn't very wedding-themed either.)
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Some of the pictures from this book lead me to suspect the existence in the 1970s of a sub-set of the BDSM community who were into macrame bondage.....


Oct. 23rd, 2010 11:45 am
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Hey, you know those beads made from rolled-up scraps of paper? I actually found a necklace today at the thrift store that was made of some. It's quite pretty, too.


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