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Dave Malki! has posted a link to an hour-long vid of one of his “True Tales from Old Books” presentations – apart from the Beard Movement, ballooning, and a deeply weird, probably satirical children’s book, it also looks at recipes for invalids – beef tea I’d heard of, and to a lesser extent milk punch, but now I also know how to make toast water and toast soup. Thank you Mr. Malki!
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Another co-worker claims to have heard a radio story about anime fans swarming the premier and stealing his blackberry, but I can’t find anything online about it – was someone just pulling her leg?

ETA - More specifically, a group dressed as Spongebob and other characters are supposed to have swarmed a political convention being held downtown, stolen a blackberry and mailed various dignitaries photos of they genitalia. Continued to google, but found nothing even resembling this story – pretty sure at this point that some fool radio show host made it up of whole cloth, or else said “hey wouldn’t it be funny if?...”
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At Jane and Lawrence, there is a small sign advertising a tailoring business called “God’s Favour Sewing & Design.” There’s a picture of a gold lame evening gown. Every time I see it, I mean to tell people about it; and then I forget to do so. It’s the Silence of odd business names.
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Um, you know how recently on fandomsecrets several people have confessed to writing fanfic about a show they've never watched/game they've never played? Well, it's been a couple of years since I last watched S5 Buffy, and I've seen just enough of OFOtCN to know it's too triggery to watch in front of green_trilobite.

Nonetheless, this keeps happening. My main worry is whether I'm getting the tone of the dialogue right - most of the characters I'm basing off descriptions in wikipedia or people's lit-crit essays, and I suspect Ben is a little snarkier than he was on BtVS, but that's because I've discovered I don't like him much and I enjoy making him all passive-aggressive and manipulative.


Feb. 17th, 2011 01:24 pm
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Am tempted to make get-well cards for Peter Watts, although I don’t know him well - as a recent comment on his site points out, there are no “Sorry to hear about your necrotizing fasciitis” cards; and there probably should be. The first two designs to surface in my head were 1. A picture of Job shaking his fist at the sky, or 2. A photo of Watts’ face, a “greater than” sign, and a photo of Hugh Laurie as Dr. House.
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So, um, Chapter 1 of my insane crackfic is up. You have been warned.
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Some of the pictures from this book lead me to suspect the existence in the 1970s of a sub-set of the BDSM community who were into macrame bondage.....
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Via via Making Light: Nine drawings on acid, a 1950s government experiment in which a professional artist was given LSD, and then had to draw portraits of the scientist observing him.

I especially enjoy the dry descriptions: "Upon completing the drawing the patient starts laughing, then becomes startled by something on the floor."
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The Speakeasy Comics Show went off well - there seemed to be a bit more media there than in 2008 when I last participated - we were all interviewed for a comics webjournal (I have to look up which one) and there were a couple of photographers. I got quite excited because I recognized the works across from me from this movie I've been waiting for. Turns out Eshwin Dhir was the artistic director on the project as well - he says the tie-in comic is currently at the lettering stage, and will be released alongside the film, whenever that happens. So I had a painted image of Brad Dourif glaring at me from the corner of the room all evening, which I'm totally ok with.

ETA - the webjournal for which I was interviewed is
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OK, I think it's a toss up between "Calder Tully" & "Jay Loden" as Tin Man's real name.

Meanwhile, in PI, Sid "the Squid" continues to be a fan of absurdist humour, as I
imagined yesterday that his favourite downloadable show is called I Love Rock. It is in fact about a man in love with a rock, but played as an old-fashioned sitcom, probably with a laugh track and everything. Sometimes I really don't get what goes on in my head.


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