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I rather like this story about a Portland couple whose annual Hallowe'en decor theme is The Doll Asylum, but I notice most of the comments beneath are OMG think of the children!!.

Which, given that news stories about actual harm being done seem to attract victim-blaming or sick-humour comments, makes me think that most people only post when they disagree with a story.

Possibly this is self-evident and I'm too late to comment upon it.
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H. H. Holmes Testing Lab: "Quality since 1936"

You would think their motto would be something more like "absolutely no relation to the 1890s killer with the deathtrap hotel," but I guess that's harder to fit on a business card.
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H. H. Holmes Testing Lab: "Quality since 1936"

You would think their motto would be something more like "absolutely no relation to the 1880s serial killer with the deathtrap hotel," but I guess that's harder to fit on a business card.
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Bartender: ... and the only thing that saved me was that the guy the cops were looking for had brown eyes, so eventually they realized that I wasn't him.

Patron: Yeah. When Sally got mistaken for someone else she kept pointing out that the girl they were looking for was five foot two, and that she couldn't have grown an inch in a month. But they wouldn't listen. They thought she was this serial killer from Texas.

Bartender: They thought they'd found their prize.

Patron: I'd think that the average serial killer from Texas preys on honeycomb.

Bartender: Actually, I always thought Sally *was* a serial killer.
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An upcoming craft sale has a circus sideshow theme. Which name would most make you want to pull back a curtain?

a) The Mystery Hat

b) The Mer-Hat

c) The Mutant Hat

d) The Hat of Weird


Feb. 9th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Decided to pull out Glass & Brick, my not-quite-steampunk story, and see if I can knock it into shape before the deadline for the Merril Collection story contest. I've slipped back into it easily enough, which I'm hoping is a good sign,'s a weird thing; all over the place, and even more so now - as of this afternoon, the story also includes giant (i.e. dog-sized) ants, which can be trained for various purposes, except that since they're ants, you have to use scent to command them. Well, and probably some gestures.
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Crankydon gave us this for Christmas. It's a photo. In a frame. Shaped like a sled.
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Now I'm guessing he bought up all this 1930s fraternal-society hazing equipment and just upped the voltage on the electric shocks most of them are wired to give.
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Trails of Tarnation a web series about Jeff and Derek, two exceedingly dim western outlaws, and their bizarre adventures on a tiny set.
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No, not *quite* a palindrome.

I varnished my nails on the way home today - green_trilobite reacts gets headaches from the fumes, so I decided to do it in the open air while waiting at various bus/streetcar stops.

Naturally this meant that for much of the trip I had incompletely painted nails, and I was reminded that once, in high school, someone claimed that having one single nail varnished was a way of indicating one's religious affiliation as "Satanist." I never found out *why* this was supposed to be more pleasing to the Dark Lord than a full manicure, though I suspect the real logic was that parents would be less likely to spot one painted nail than ten.

Anyone else ever hear this one, or was it purely a New Brunswick legend?

ETA - quick search suggests it's a rock'n'roll thing - the people claiming it's satanic appear to be the same people claiming that D&D is satanic.

Weird Day

Sep. 24th, 2011 06:00 pm
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Saw a guy today actually wearing a pair of those shoes that look like feet. Some one asked him what they're like and he said for the first couple of weeks he kept glancing down and wondering why he didn't have toenails.

Later I found a 1980s Conan comic in a newspaper box.

On a patio I overheard the sentence "You know he compared his girlfriend to a lobster bisque."
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green_trilobite has acquired another crotocephalus. It's a species of trilobite that, uh, looks pretty much how it sounds. He has taken its portrait and posted it on flickr. Possibly NSFW.
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The hat for Random Bus Guy Norbert yesterday, but I seem to have lost his number. I’m kind of relieved at not having to phone some strange guy and ask if he still wants a hat; but I should probably check my purse one more time to have a clear conscience.

Meanwhile I’m trying to design another 1940-style turban hat, this one knit flat with short-row shaping.
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In my attempts to not be rude I think I may have agreed to knit a hat for some guy named Norbert who was sitting next to me on the bus.
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There’s this PSA that keeps running on the radio, to the effect that Canadian tv broadcasts are about to go all-digital, so anyone still using rabbit ears has x months to change systems – but I keep getting distracted by the spooky background music. It’s just this eerie sort of pentatonic arpeggio over and over and over again; it’s like an ad from the Twilight Zone.
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Been reading up on some early 20th-century crime cases; I’m tempted to say modern crimes can’t hold a candle to them for weirdness, but that wouldn’t be true. They are, however, pretty darn weird.
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