Sep. 18th, 2011 12:15 pm
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another episode of my confusing webcomic is up.
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Dave Malki! has posted a link to an hour-long vid of one of his “True Tales from Old Books” presentations – apart from the Beard Movement, ballooning, and a deeply weird, probably satirical children’s book, it also looks at recipes for invalids – beef tea I’d heard of, and to a lesser extent milk punch, but now I also know how to make toast water and toast soup. Thank you Mr. Malki!
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Figure I should work things out here before I write Paul at; I don’t want him to think this is because of the negative feedback I’ve been getting from his readers – I think I’ve hit the “when you start to hate your novel” stage mentioned in a recent Futurismic article. In part one, I always had a clear story spine to follow – part two I feel like I’m treading water, with no sense of where to take things, and I’m annoying myself as well as alienating the site’s audience.

Any advice on how to wrap things up and get off the stage without tripping over the furnishings would be appreciated; bearing in mind that at the very least I need to give Sid more to do and bring Patrick back into the story; confront the Captain about the hidden recorders; and follow up on the hints that there’s a bigger bad than Marj’s stalker.
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After a couple of weeks off, I'm back to work on the webcomic, sending off the latest ep this morning. The story had (to my mind) been treading water for a time, but I'm hoping it's starting to build up another head of steam, with evidence popping up for at least two (separate?) nefarious goings-on.

We just rewatched a documentary on Sherlock Holmes that I think came packaged with something else - the documentary itself has a few extras, of which the best is the full conversation the host had with Stephen Fry, as opposed to the few minutes they used. Fry once did a Holmes/Charles Dickens crossover fanfic (he had to fudge the timeline a bit), and also talks about how much he likes The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.
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I realized last night that since I don't really know what Angola will look like in 25 years, I'm more or less drawing it to look like Kensington Market in Toronto. No idea if that's a good or a bad thing.
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Personal Information Part II, episode 1, is now up.
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Personal Information is back - look for the new episode on tomorrow. The story picks up three months after Part I ended, with Ginny in her second trimester; she and Viv are living on the mainland until they can adopt Michel, the Angolan government having accepted him as an orphaned survivor of the ferryboat explosion (actually his family were pirates, but they're just as dead). They're continuing their work as marine biologists by way of jobs monitoring the local fisheries. Not sure yet what the other characters are up to.

Cheshirelcat, on Deviant Art, has convinced me to try my hand at a steampunk story, so we'll see how that goes - it's actually shaping up to be more of an anti-steampunk, in that it's mostly about a gardener trying to cope with the polluted air of the mid-19th century. Getting a bit bogged down in the research, as Victorian gardening techniques were very complex and sophisticated - I want this story to be about slightly reconfiguring the technologies that actually existed at the time.

ETA - my BtVS/OFOtCN crossover fic has stalled, largely because I can't think of a possible ending apart from a giant apocalyptic catfight between Glorificus and Nurse Ratchett; which would be a pretty good ending, I'm just not sure how to write it yet.
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Newest episode is up. In this one, as per the usual convention for visual storytelling, we see that even in the near-future, video footage is grainy and desaturated so that you can tell it's video footage.


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:16 pm
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In which birds discuss the varying creepiness of certain actors (source - Having recently rewatched the Omen movies, I'd say that Sam Neil was creepy long before any exposure to velociraptors.


Feb. 27th, 2011 08:42 pm
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Episode 51 is up.

Episode 50

Feb. 20th, 2011 12:52 pm
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I've been doing this weekly for about a year now.

Episode 47

Jan. 30th, 2011 02:03 pm
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Dave Malki! Creator of Wondermark, has been posting lately on the history of technology, a subject I assume he came to through collecting 19th-c images for his webcomic.

For the last few weeks he and his readers have been digging up “damn this modern technology” screeds from different eras; and have at length got back to Socrates vs. the written word. The pattern that’s been coming out, though, is less a straight “curmudgeons vs. new stuff” and more of a “centuries-long, back and forth battle over whether the spoken or the written word is superior.” Go read it, it’s well worth a look.
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There are at least five Hark a Vagrant fanfics out there....


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