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I don't usually get nightmares, but lately, due to politics or other stress, I've been having a lot of dreams involving threats, conspiracies, falling, or post-nuclear wastes. I still don't know if they count as nightmares -- I'm usually too detached in my dreams to feel anything more than unease. Still, last night's dream was a welcome change: I was at a party where I didn't know anyone except the host and his girlfriend (who seemed to be older versions of Wyatt and Caitlin from the animated show 6teen); but I was enjoying myself -- music was playing and we were all drinking cocktails from lab test tubes. Suddenly my mother walked in, asked a bunch of questions about gardening (not-Wyatt's place was a suburban ranch-style house), then left after a few minutes. I started asking everybody if they'd seen her too, or if I'd just hallucinated the interruption.

On an unrelated topic, thanks and good luck to everyone marching for Science! today.

Night Walk

Jan. 3rd, 2016 04:29 pm
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Every so often I look up Global TV's Night Walk. If you've never heard of this (and I hadn't, until a few years ago), Global is a Toronto-based network that in the mid-1980s became one of the first channels in Canada with a 24-hour broadcast license; which meant that they needed to fill the slot after the Late Late Show, they needed to fill their Canadian Content quota and, since they weren't expecting anyone to watch this Canadian-made filler, they needed to produce it on the cheap.

Their surprisingly-good solution was to periodically send someone out after dark to wander downtown Toronto with a steadycam, score it with a smooth jazz soundtrack and run chunks of it as needed under the title Night Walk or Night Moves. The result is sort of like a film noir where nothing happens, you just walk the streets at night while a smoky contralto (Sharon Lee Williams) sings songs composed by the producer, Michael Spivak, who had a talent for Broadway-esque solos like "I Need You Now." The music is probably what makes it work; someone described it filling them with the need to make love on a shag-pile carpet.

Night Ride was the car version.

Now I'm wondering if it would be feasible to turn it into a stage musical. The songs could probably be worked into some kind of romance plot, Ms. Williams and the musicians are probably still available, and the original show has a cult following. Of course, to get the full effect you might have to stage it at three in the morning.
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Sapphire and Steel is on Youtube, the episodes edited together into complete stories, and for some reason today I found myself watching "Assignment 4" and "Assignment 5" (Sapphire and Steel gives no spoilers when it comes to titles.) I liked both of these better than "Assignment 1" -- the pace is less glacial, the show isn't trying to pretend it's for children, and the humans are more convincingly confused by the time paradoxes as opposed to just really stupid. I looked the series up and its creator, Peter J. Hammond, also wrote "Small Worlds" and "Out of the Rain" for Torchwood, and it shows in "Assignment 4" with its spooky!children escaping from old photos at the whim of a man with no face, or sometimes a different face depending on who's looking.

I really liked "Assignment 5" though it's by different writers than the rest of the series. Usually the show's budget, which makes Dr. Who look like a Cecil B. DeMille production, restricts cast size as well as setting, but this one has about ten characters in a sort of deconstructed Agatha Christie plot. A wealthy industrialist decides to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of his company by redecorating his mansion as it was in 1930 and throwing a weekend theme party with everyone in period dress. In the world of Sapphire and Steel, where time incursions are triggered by things like reading old nursery rhymes, or keeping too many antiques in one place, this is like throwing a bucket of chum into shark-heavy waters and then taking a dip; but on top of this, it's also the anniversary of the mysterious death of the industrialist's business partner, and something's trying to actually set the clock back to 1930 so events can be rerouted. Interestingly, none of the actors are rejuvenated to match the time period, which adds to the creepiness as their memories are rewound. I'm surprised they aren't saved by the mens' anachronistic haircuts, though.
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One thing I've noticed, watching Dr. Who this fall, has been that the movie slot just before it on Space seems to get filled with 2013 tv-show pilots that didn't get picked up; I've now seen the endings of the failed pilots for Borealis (Canadian hard-sf thriller/mining-camp drama) and Rewind (time-travel procedural/caper show), and not only did they both look tantalizingly good, the first ended with some plot points clearly left unresolved, and the other ended on a definite cliff-hanger. I don't know whether Space is test-showing them for a possible second chance at getting picked up, or if they just got them cheap.
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I'm enjoying Space's programming, but I'm getting sick of the ads that run in the break. Specifically the one for paint, which I've now seen about two dozen times, in which a woman redecorates the bedroom, she and her spouse exchange sexy looks... and fast forward three years and they've got two screaming children and she's pregnant with a third -- so she repaints the bedroom to be bland and boring and unsexy.

Every time I see it I yell at the screen, "or you could USE BIRTH CONTROL of some kind!"

But, no, human biology is why we can't have nice things, apparently.
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In 1969 the senate was prepared to slash the budget for public broadcasting. Here's the video of Mr. Rogers addressing the subcommittee on why they shouldn't. It's the closest thing to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington I've ever seen in reality.

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The CNE Air Show is in full roar. Narly doesn't seem overly disturbed but he is curious enough about the sounds to watch the window instead of the Grenada Sherlock Holmes dvds playing on the tv.
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Rewatching I, Claudius, aka the "Every Time It looks Like Thinks Are Finally Going to Get Better, They Don't" show. This become really obvious when you watch a bunch of episodes back to back.


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