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We went to an open house at a mosque downtown, where they gave us a tour of the building (originally built in 1940 as a bank), demonstrated calligraphy, and gave us assorted snacks including some very nice baklava.

Then we went with some friends to Tian An Cuisine, which serves dishes from the Jianxi province of China. Lots of chilli peppers, yet I didn't find the spiciness overwhelming as I usually do. Didn't try the frog's legs though.

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Today was our second year with a table at the Friends of the Merril Collection Science-Fiction and Anime Flea Market. As always it was held at the Metro Reference Library.

We brought a rollaway suitcase full of paperbacks, and a poseable 18-inch Hal Jordan, Green Lantern doll with cloth costume and light-up ring. There were many people with brightly coloured hair and anime t-shirts. Also a baby in a tiny knitted Jayne Cobb hat. An old man at the table across from ours was talking up the collectability of his vintage paperbacks, in a plaintive yet extremely loud voice. I tried to assume he was hard of hearing; Andrew just kept muttering under his breath about how his books were overpriced for the venue and he wasn't even grading them correctly. There's no sniping like geek sniping.

He eventually got to gloat that we were selling more books than his rival, as we sold all but four of the paperbacks. He'd originally marked the Green Lantern doll at $80, but sold it at half-price to the young man who was selling manga and video games at the table next to ours with his wife who was dressed as Pikachu. I picked up a copy of Nalo Hopkinson's Skin Folk, and some costume jewelry which included a large felt brooch shaped like a donut with embroidered sprinkles:
Loot from the Merril SF Flea Market

I see the Toronto Library System now runs a small press for people who want to self-publish; and their Digital Hub includes a 3D printer. They had a glass case full of examples of things they'd printed on it. All in all, a very successful day out.
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Andrew got his hair and beard shaved off in his annual haircut. Nice to see his face again. Got out to patios Saturday and Sunday. Discovered The Sunnyside Pavillion cafe won't be open at all this summer as the building is being renovated; on the one hand, glad they're taking care of a beautiful historic building -- on the other hand, darn, that's our favourite hangout out of commission for the year.

Honest Ed's is still selling off stock; got Andrew a new pair of suspenders, with polka dots on them. He seems pleased. Got myself a bunch of square scarves.

There was a book at the beguiling called Kids Are Weird, which was saved from being a cutesy "Kids Say The Darnedest Things" exercise by the fact that it's all the same kid -- the artist's hyper-verbal three-year-old, who seems to be discovering the phenomenon of consciousness, or perhaps compulsive behaviour: In one of the comics he declares "It's like there's a secret weapon inside me, and it makes me control my body!"


Jan. 9th, 2013 07:22 pm
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Didn't get picked for jury duty. Ran into my mother and her sister on the way home, and we stopped for coffee and cake. So, not a bad day.

ETA -- not being picked for jury duty means I can now look up the case in question:

The arrests were followed by a break in the case of Neil "Gooby" Armstrong, who was shot and killed outside Inside Night Club on Richmond Street West in 2003. The investigation was hampered by the lack of assistance from as many as 50 witnesses on the street that night. But it was people coming forward with information that resulted in the arrests of four young men, three of whom were youths at the time of the crime.


Gandwimbi wasn't heard from again.

In 2003, he was a critical Crown witness in the slaying of Neil "Gooby" Armstrong. Four men were freed after their first-degree murder charges were withdrawn due to the unreliability of the witness and wanted killer Gandwimbi, who was on the lam.

So apparently that's why it had taken nearly ten years to come to trial.
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Yesterday we went to a reading organized by Tightrope Books on behalf of the High Park Zoo, which is threatened with closure. The reading was at Cafe Novo, just across the street from the north edge of High Park; I had an ok chai latte and a very good lavender shortbread. Readings were on the patio, which was pleasant but not did not lend itself acoustically to performance. Several people admired my Lace-up Opera Gloves. Shortly after a poem in the second set entitled "Dressing as a Nun and Singing Gospel Won't Help Explain the Night Sky*" we left for a second patio 'round the corner which was warmer, though full of barky dogs.

* It was about Whoopie Goldberg's recorded narration for a planetarium show.
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... only without my having done any actual writing this week.

We went to the launch party for Leah Bobet's Above on Thursday, which was awesome.

We're going to *try* and attend the Canadian Writers' Union read-in and rally in support of striking library workers, over at the Toronto Reference Library today; neither green_trilobite nor myself deal well with crowds, though, so we may not stick around. I've convinced him we should have a look, though, given the number of friends we have who are writers and/or work in public libraries (and also just generally as a matter of public good).

Also, I have another writing-related thing that I'm not allowed to announce yet :)

ETA - There was nowhere to sit outside the library. green_trilobite managed to hold out for five or ten minutes, then I took him home (we couldn't hear the speeches anyhow, since we were outdoors and no one had a mike, or even a meg.) He said, however, that he'd liked the banner being waved that bore the image of a pair of reading glasses.
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Must be a by-election in the Bloor-Danforth riding, as the NDP handed me a flyer when I stepped out at Pape station to get a coffee on the way into work this morning. Olivia Chow was there; nice to see she’s carrying on after losing Jack.
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Just applied for a table at this spring's Bazaar of the Bizarre; will see if my latest round of hat-making proves popular, or at least acceptable to the jury. I'm not sure they're bizarre enough, though.

Cool Stuff

Jan. 28th, 2012 07:52 pm
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I live in toronto, but I only heard yesterday about the two teens from Scarborough who sent a weather ballon to the upper atmosphere with cameras and a lego man attached, and got some great photos of the lego guy holding a Canadian flag in front of the curvature of the Earth, and the blackness of space. What I really love is that the boys, friends since middle school, did this just because they thought it would be a neat thing to try; and that when asked about their next challenge, they replied - "Pass Grade 12."
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Interestingly layered posters, King and Dufferin.

Ever seen graffiti you just can't parse? There's a building on Queen West that's had SPUDR! painted on it in huge block letters for several years now.


Nov. 5th, 2010 10:04 pm
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10 Great Things about Toronto, as listed by my brother.
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My brother's facebook page drew my attention to this "name Toronto's latest condo" contest. Somehow I suspect that not all the entries are serious.
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Anniversary party went well, except that handful_ofdust was unable to attend, and Kristine's invite seems to have gone missing, a mistake we will try to rectify next weekend. The dalek-topped cake went over well - will post photos when I can get them.

Yesterday green_trilobite and I decided to go to the Sunday flea market on Front St, but stopped to buy lightbulbs first at the Canadian Tire at Yonge & Dundas. I noticed some of those "eco-cabs (bicycle-rickshaws) I'd seen about last summer, so we decided to take one down to King. Unfortunately this year, or this month anyway, their sponsor is Telus in connection with the Luminato arts festival, so they weren't free-range, but only looped round in a route to take people from event to event - however they're still free, and you can get off wherever you like, so we got as far as King & Yonge, and the ride was pleasant. The vehicle has ten gears and an electrical assist for going uphill. The outer shell is made from translucent white plastic (sort of like riding around in a giant tupperware container) and the seat is adequate for two medium-sized passengers, or one large and one small. It's surprisingly comfortable - I was a little worried green_trilobite had trouble climbing in, but he said it was easier to get into and out of than a car. The sponsor had also provided an iPhone for passenger use, but I had trouble linking to anything and gave up.

Arriving on Front, we discovered the street had been closed off for Woofstock. There were booths selling pet-related items in different sizes (some of the large dog beds could probably have slept me comfortably) and several hundred people walking dogs of all breeds. You had to watch where you stepped; but the flea market was still on, crowded with the extra traffic. I bought a pair of clip-on earrings for $5, and green_trilobite bought an early-'eighties edition of The Divine Comedy with all the Dore illustrations, before we retired to the Hot House to people/dog-watch - my favourite was the tiny pug puppy at a table on the patio, getting picked up and cuddled by a huge guy who looked like a cross between Vin Diesel and The Rock. Unfortunately the puppy tried to pull on his facial piercings and he had to set it down. Then he had to return his own dog, a medium-sized bull-terrier thing, to the just-outside-the-restaurant area (the waiters were turning a blind eye to the tiny pug), by lifting it over the fence by the scruff of the neck with one mighty hand. I had no idea that was even possible.

Had slightly-weird dreams last night - the sort that shift back and forth between mundane errands and clambering through secret tunnels. The main bit that I can recall involved one of the characters, a short, scruffy older man (a bit like an old-school Hollywood movie sidekick), who had been taken over by one of those mind-control parasites that go in through your ear. I kept trying to remove it by pouring alcohol into his ear to drive it
out so I could grab it with tongs, but it was a wily little horror and kept dodging back in again.
Strangely, I don't usually have nightmares - I have dreams that should be nightmarish, but which just seem slightly odd while I'm having them.

Today the drugstore mailed me samples of Kotex's re-packaged products, which now come in bright colours on a black backgroundto look less girly-girl (subtext - "you can send your guy to the store without him cringing and griping about how humiliating it is"). Since I usually choose pads based on how they feel, I'm pretty much indifferent to the colour scheme, but if they wanted to go in that direction, they should've gone all the way and put skulls and crossed bones on the packages, or camo patterns..
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Just came from seeing Big Rude Jake and Quicksand at Hugh's Room - great concert, but I knew it would be - what really impressed me was the venue - apparently you *do* get what you pay for with club cover charges: Good sightlines! Good acoustics! An audience who is actually there to listen rather than talk amongst themselves, forcing the band to crank the amps to painful levels! The band starting at 8:30 sharp and playing for two hours, rather than the opening act coming on around 10 pm and the headliners not appearing till midnight!
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My brother's been trying to start a monthly table hockey social at the Imperial Pub on Dundas. The hard part has been getting enough games, since according to him they're awfully hard to buy new for something that's still being manufactured; so he's mostly been scouring thrift stores , ebay, etc. Anyway, the first event was Feb 3 - he called a taxi to take him and the games downtown, and the driver looked at one of the older boards an dcommented that he'd had one like it as a kid. My brother asked where he was from.

"Ethiopia." He explained some American soldiers had left the game behind. Also, he added, he never actually *saw* ice hockey played until he moved here. But, he continued, his family still had the game and now his nephew played with it - only thanks to satelite tv he could also watch hockey games and had a favourite team. The family had asked him, a while back, to buy the kid a jersey, but when he got to the store he hadn't been able to recall which team his nephew liked, so he just got him a Leafs jersey. The family called later to tell him his nephew had cried with disappointment.

"Wow," said my brother, that's just like Roch Carrier 's The Hockey Sweater, only in Ethiopia." The driver looked confused and said he'd never heard of that story.


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