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May. 11th, 2017 09:40 pm
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 Andrew began reading a Facebook post to me, in which a writer (I didn't ask the name) began by complaining about how millennials misunderstand and overuse the term "arc" as well as "agency" and "trope," and keeping complaining about a character's arc being sexist or racist instead of just enjoying the story, and at that point I snapped SHUT UP! and he stopped.

I apologized, because I hadn't meant to yell at him, but at the person who'd made the post; and I explained that I'd just finished composing a reply to a *different* post in which I tried to suggest as gently as I could that no, cultural appropriation is a real problem and not just something the current generation has made up to stop artists from making art; and that I was consequently a bit short on patience. This is why I'd be terrible in any sort of face-to-face, real-time debate -- I need at least a few seconds to calm down and marshall my thoughts. I said that issues of social justice aside, some of us enjoy analyzing stories as part of reading, and a lot of people I know are writers, and why should stories be treated as just frivolous entertainment.

He understands, and says that he should of realized that the first three or four sentences would be triggering, although he says there was a later point in the post that he kind of agrees with (apparently the OP eventually oks analyzing the story, after initially reading it through and enjoying it on a superficial level). He said he was going to block the poster; I said he didn't have to, that I didn't want to control who he reads, but according to him the guy had already been on notice as far as he was concerned.

I still feel like I've somehow failed here, like for a moment I'd fulfilled the trope of the hysterical SJW that trolls are always claiming are out there; and I'm aware that I'm saying this as Mrs. Privileged from Privilegeville -- if I were black, LGBT, etc, I'd likely be having to defend these points nonstop, to much less sympathetic listeners, and remain calm the whole time so I couldn't be dismissed as loud and hysterical. I'm not sure why I'm so mad at myself, but I'm better at composing my thoughts in writing, so I told Andrew I'd make a post about it and maybe that will help me think.  
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Andrew got his hair and beard shaved off in his annual haircut. Nice to see his face again. Got out to patios Saturday and Sunday. Discovered The Sunnyside Pavillion cafe won't be open at all this summer as the building is being renovated; on the one hand, glad they're taking care of a beautiful historic building -- on the other hand, darn, that's our favourite hangout out of commission for the year.

Honest Ed's is still selling off stock; got Andrew a new pair of suspenders, with polka dots on them. He seems pleased. Got myself a bunch of square scarves.

There was a book at the beguiling called Kids Are Weird, which was saved from being a cutesy "Kids Say The Darnedest Things" exercise by the fact that it's all the same kid -- the artist's hyper-verbal three-year-old, who seems to be discovering the phenomenon of consciousness, or perhaps compulsive behaviour: In one of the comics he declares "It's like there's a secret weapon inside me, and it makes me control my body!"
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Yesterday I searched for real-life stage adaptations of Max Beerbohm’s The Happy Hypocrite, and apart from the 1930s version with Ivor Novello and Vivan Leigh, I came across this look at a 2011 musical version by David Benedictus and Stephan Hodel which never seems to have gone to a full production, although the introductory song in the video is quite good. I notice they specify the story as being set in 1820, although when I rechecked Beerbohm’s original text he gives no date, but simply sets it in the Regency period. 1820 makes it the year that the Regency ended and the reign of George IV began, not that that changed much. I noticed, because the movie of Jamaica Inn is also set in 1820 – reference is made in an early scene to the Regent having become King – and I’ve come to think of that movie’s villain, Sir Humphrey Pengallan (who by the end pretty obviously sees himself as the personification of the Regency) as a kind of alternate take on Beerbohm’s Lord George Hell, and I’m rambling aren’t I.
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Lately I’d come across several references to men, characterized as large and heavy, being “14 stone” in weight. (OK, so the first one made me curious and I found the others by googling.) ETA -- For the record, they date from the 1830s (man in question is 5’9”), 1864, 1887, 1926, 1944, 1980s (man in question is a footballer), 2007 (young man in question is 5’11”, his mother worries he’s overweight) and 2009.

Thing is, fourteen stone is 198 lb., which doesn’t seem all that big to me; but then I realize that I also think of 6’ as "tall-ish," for a man, so my perspective is probably skewed by growing up in a late-20th-c middle-class family of mostly northern European descent.

I don’t want to fall into the “people were smaller in the past” trope, though, because an anthropologist friend went on a rant once about what an oversimplification that is (granted, she was a docent on a historical site and had to explain to a lot of tourists that the small doors in the fortress had more to do with defense and structural strength than with the size of the inhabitants.)

ETA2 -- and I can add Falstaff in this fanfic of the Henry plays/Merry Wives of Windsor in spaaaace. If you've ever wanted Falstaff as a space pirate/smuggler, read this. Or watch the "Racing Mars" episode of B5.
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Our first year with a table at the Friends of the Merrill SF and Anime Flea Market was a roaring success, by which I mean we had a few small sales and one sale big enough to cover not only the fee for the table, and the various drinks and sandwiches consumed over the course of the day, but also dinner and a taxi home afterwards.

Andrew had several enjoyable conversations with customers and other sellers, as well as one or two that made him appreciate the patience of those who work in retail daily. Most memorable -- the lady who bought a toy dinosaur for her somewhere-on-the-spectrum nephew, went on about how sweet but "weird" the kid is; and then spent five to ten minutes describing in detail how difficult it is to find a bike wheel in exactly the right size and showing off her emergency home-made tool kit.


Mar. 15th, 2013 09:50 pm
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1. Whyowhy did they never make a movie about Toulouse-Lautrec starring Edward G. Robinson? Seriously, that would have been amazing.

2. The parking lot on the corner near my workplace had a large white circle shape traced on it today, like a chalk circle. I passed by several times and each time I noticed it, I hesitated and then skirted around it. So apparently it's successful as a ward against me, regardless of the original intent.


Aug. 16th, 2012 07:51 am
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Staying home with a headache today -- on the positive side, I may have an offer of a better job than the one I have now -- touch wood -- and this will give me a day free for a phone interview if they want to do one.

Last night's dreams included a character named Oscar something, who was sort of a cross between The Shadow and Weird Al Yankovic; he was a geeky kid who had a secret life as a caped, revolver-weilding vigilante.

Another bit I can recall involved my being in a mall where it seemed to be simultaneously Chinese New Year's and the anniversary of Star Wars -- there were a lot of altars/renactments of the Monkey King battling Darth Vader.
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After green_trilobite's check-up on the Danforth, we went back downtown, did some shopping, had lunch on a patio, got passport photos (we're not going anywhere, I just decided a few weeks back that since neither of us drives, we need some indisputable pieces of ID to save time and argument); then we went to hang out at the Comics Lounge, which yesterday was surrounded by the Taste of Little Italy street festival; for several blocks, all transit except by foot was shut down - and with the crowds, walking was pretty slow. Apparently Joe had had to fight the restaurant downstairs to even keep an access route open to his door. Once there, green_trilobite crashed on the sofa for most of the rest of the day, while I made it my base of operations for a trip to Dome Fabrics and later, to Starbucks for drinks and wi-fi. There were several dogs at the Lounge with there owners. There were a couple of women in costume, and I sketched them on my new-to-me iPad. I noted that if someone is wearing a tight dress and eating, every pose and gesture she does automatically looks like a pin-up (I had to clean up my sketch in photoshop when I got home, though - my drawing app couldn't do fine lines).
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I recently inherited green_trilobite's iPad (he got a new one) so I've been offline for a couple of days while he synched everything.

While confined to a mobile phone, I took this shot of a tortoise in the park. I was surprised to see it climbing a hill, and was briefly tempted to return it to the pond in case this was some sort of suicide attempt, but figured it had its own reasons and that I shouldn't interfere. Excelsior!

Other stuff I'd forgotten was in my phone camera: Poster for "Kamikaze Blend Coffee" at Cherry Bomb; it puzzles me slightly that although you can't make fun of nazis in public lest you cause people to take them lightly, apparently naming a coffee drink after Japanese suicide pilots is ok.

And finally, this sign is warning us against hats, or perhaps elephant-swallowing boa constrictors.
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Trouble with a long weekend when you're between jobs is that it's time you'd have off anyway, plus it's an extra day until you get your E.I because everything's been set back by the holiday. However, green_trilobite found a bit of money under the bank's sofa cushions last Friday*, and he's covered three patio lunches, so I really can't complain.

I doubt they'll have any job interviews set up by tomorrow, so I might go to the fashion supply district and buy a zipper (because I can do that out of the change in my purse) so I can finish the dress that's been hanging up for a week and a half.

* i.e., while trying to tie up yet more loose ends re his mother's estate, he found an orphaned account with seventy-four dollars in it.
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Someone mentioned Jason Voorhees at work today, but just got a blank look from his co-worker. They are all pretty young there, though her explanation was "Dude, I'm an immigrant. I don't know your cultural references." Under the circumstances, I decided not to mention Sadie Hawkins.

No particular bad luck - I had to walk partway home, and have resolved not to even try taking the streetcar south from Dundas West until the weather improves, because this was the second time in a row I'd tried to do so and found the cars on that route tied up. However, I did notice while walking down Roncesvalles that there's an art gallery, across the way from the She Said Boom record store, with a show of large paintings of Gort, Robbie the Robot, and other pop-SF images.

Also I got a grey velvet blazer for eight dollars at the Goodwill.
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Temp-job has been extended till the end of the month, so I've a few more weeks of income to look forward to*.

green_trilobite is still recovering from the 'flu, but I may have to drag him out of the apartment for a little while this weekend - mild weather should be used to our advantage.

I've had my first response to the Chizine call for image submissions, and am currently in talks for three photos.

Boxing Week/ post-New-Year sales at most drug stores include discounts on hair-colouring products, so I touched up the roots on my blonde streaks last night for five bucks.

* And, no doubt, more legal-form soap opera. This week it was someone who listed his common-law spouse as his retirement-fund beneficiary - thing is, when I went into his file he already has a different spouse in line for his pension.
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Friday we cleaned the apartment. Most of the living room carpet is now visible and it is also possible to walk up to the tv screen.

Saturday, green_trilobite got a haircut and I bought my cousins a wedding present – a glass pitcher resembling a non-anthropomorphic version of the Kool-Aid Man, and a glass stirring stick. They will likely also get a bottle of wine and a recipe for sangria. I am still deciding whether or not to write “Oh Yeah!” on the gift tag.

Saw a lone busker singing ‘Love Me Do,’ while accompanying himself on the tambourine. It was like Ringo as a solo act.

Removed coats, had brunch on patio.

Watched Dr. Who, shivered.

Yesterday we had dinner with my parents at my brother’s place. My brother is actually in NY this weekend, so technically I guess his cat Edison was our host.


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