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I stayed home sick Monday and Tuesday, made myself go in Wednesday when I felt slightly better, and am today feeling much worse and at home again. At this point Friday is up in the air.

green_trilobite has also been sick since Monday; it feels a lot like that time we both had the 'flu, except it's about a month earlier than when they usually start running PSAs and offering free vaccinations. Several people had to go home sick last week, and I found out yesterday when I went into the office that a few other people had been off for a day, though I don't know whether they had the same thing.

I'm hoping this didn't get spread around to theengineer's party guests.


Sep. 18th, 2012 12:11 pm
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Second day home with a sore throat; I wish it would move on the the sneezing/coughing stage, which at least hurts less. Also, since it's contract work, any sick day I take is unpaid. I hate feeling sick *and* stressed and guilty.
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I've come down with, I think, the cold everyone else has been fighting since SFContario; which means I likely caught it at the Chizine Very Special Christmas Special Special on Wednesday. I hope I didn't pass it 'round the building at last night's party.

Between bouts of sleeping we've been watching old Universal horror pictures. Fun fact - Ernest Thesinger's other skills included needlepoint; apparently he published a book called Adventures in Embroidery.

Home, Sick

Oct. 15th, 2011 07:11 pm
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We're both down with colds and stayed in all day. I knit another hat from the boucle yarn i hardly ever use because it's hard to work with. Finally saw some footage this evening of Occupy Toronto (green_trilobite usually keeps the tv tuned to CNN during the day). Looks peaceful so far.

ETA: I also had a conversation via chat with an old friend who moved out to Alberta OMG almost 20 years ago now, and who's been transitioning to female for the last few years (the good news - the doctors who decide if you're "serious" enough to do this apparently have less-stereotypical ideas of gender than they used to; the bad news - provincial health care stopped paying for gender transitions about six months before she started.)

Further ETA: green_trilobite and I worked on his trilobite presentation for November.
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Finished my antibiotics on Thursday, but I still have a slight cough, which I think has worsened over the course of today, and it feels like my throat has started to swell up again. Posting this to establish a timeline in case I need to see the doctor again.
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I don't know if I've burned through all my sick days yet; but on the advice of my supervisor when I called in this morning to say the sore throat hadn't left me alone yet, I went back to the walk-in clinic, where a different doctor saw me and agreed that even though I'd tested negative for strep on Thursday, I definitely still have an inflamed throat, and wrote me a prescription. We shall see.

I'd brought green_trilobite along, and hadn't made us breakfast, so afterwards we went to the first place he spotted; unfortunately this turned out to be the sort of bar & grill that is first and foremost a bar, and only has the grill so they can justify being open before noon. They seemed a bit shaken when we asked for menus instead of beer.
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Finally dragged green_trilobite to a walk-in clinic on Sunday, confirmed he has bronchitis, and got him some antibiotics.

Now my cough, which never entirely left but has been lying low all month, feels like it’s coming back for a third bout in my tonsils. Argh do not want.
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Stayed home on Monday, thought I was better on Tuesday and went in to work, home again today. I feel like someone was threaded a single long horsehair down my throat and it's tickling my gag and cough reflexes.
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Still had an elevated temperature this morning, according to green_trilobite who felt my forehead. Finished knitted handwarmers, made snood out of the leftover yarn. Rewatched some Dr. Who, or rather was in the room while green_trilobite rewatched it. Moved iTunes playlists from old laptop to new laptop. Tried to watch a Youtube video of a ca. 13-year-old girl acting out her version of Hallowe'en II, but it was nowhere near as good as Jaws shot on Super-8 by three 12-year-olds in 1978. Seriously, *they* had wigs and a cardboard shark and a mannequin head, and the best you can manage is a ginsu knife and a bad Malcolm MacDowell impression? Kids these days.

OK, that got way off-topic.
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Bleagh. Spring head-cold. Not enough to keep me home, but enough to keep me from overtime.

green_trilobite spends the daytime chatting with the condo staff. Today he met the substitute super:
"You're not a hoarder?" he was asked. "No, you don't look like a hoarder."

He is, but I'm glad he was not found out.
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The only bad thing about having a healthy constitution is that when I do get sick, I haven't had any practice at it. I keep wanting to kick and punch something in frustration, and against all reason I feel like a wimpy malingerer when I can't fight this off by sheer will. Not that applying reason helps much either - this feels worse than my usual experience of a cold, but I had my 'flu shots a month or so back, and googling symptoms turns up a herd of zebras galloping ahead of the ponies: No, I'm pretty sure it's not plague, thank you very much - I haven't noticed any buboes, rats or scythe-wielding skeletons leading all ranks of society in a tragi-comic dance.

Grumble grumble cough.

ETA - the doctor at the walk-in clinic thinks it's probably strep, so it's antibiotics for me.

Sick Report

Dec. 3rd, 2010 04:30 am
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Went in to work Tuesday and yesterday; each time I relapsed the following day and had to stay home again. None of the walk-in clinics on google maps are very conveniently located; and I'm still not sure I'd get much advice other than "go home, rest, take some cough syrup." As far as I can tell, a cough doesn't count as "persistent" until it's carried on for a month or so - it's just I've never had a dry cough last a week. It feels like there's a bit of horsehair or something lodged in the back of my throat; the gunk in my lungs won't loosen, and it gets worse if I lie down, which makes it hard to get any rest. Tried shining a flashlight down my throat just now, but can't see anything except that (surprise, surprise) it looks all inflamed and veiny. Gak. Woe is me.


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