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 One of the people I follow on Tumblr just made a series of posts about her concern that she's too far left to fit in with "Liberals," but thinks the Left is too violent, especially as she's been victimized in the past and now doesn't like any violence. I've seen enough from her that I'm willing to take her word on this (i.e. I don't think she's given to hand-wringing on behalf of the neo-Nazis). I disagree with her position, but I'm trying to put my own into words -- over here first, and possibly only.

I think I'm sort of coming at it from the opposite direction, i.e. I'm cheerful enough about the prospect of punching Nazis that I figure I should do some self-examination to make sure I'm not fantasizing about violence against an admissible target.

So far, I've got:

1. One should avoid using violence if possible, but if people intend harm, and reasoned argument or appeals to their better nature aren't working, it is acceptable to fight them physically.

2. One should try, however, not to be so angry as to use excessive force.

3. "Not using excessive force" means ending the fight as quickly as possible, to minimize damage. One's strategies may, therefore, include "giving the leader one good punch, so as to scare the rest into backing down." I don't mean this to sound flippant, although it probably requires good judgement to successfully chase off, rather than encourage.

4. I can't ask my Tumblr acquaintance, or anyone else repelled by this, to go along, and she may need to avoid going to protests for her own safety.
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I don't usually get nightmares, but lately, due to politics or other stress, I've been having a lot of dreams involving threats, conspiracies, falling, or post-nuclear wastes. I still don't know if they count as nightmares -- I'm usually too detached in my dreams to feel anything more than unease. Still, last night's dream was a welcome change: I was at a party where I didn't know anyone except the host and his girlfriend (who seemed to be older versions of Wyatt and Caitlin from the animated show 6teen); but I was enjoying myself -- music was playing and we were all drinking cocktails from lab test tubes. Suddenly my mother walked in, asked a bunch of questions about gardening (not-Wyatt's place was a suburban ranch-style house), then left after a few minutes. I started asking everybody if they'd seen her too, or if I'd just hallucinated the interruption.

On an unrelated topic, thanks and good luck to everyone marching for Science! today.

Home, Sick

Oct. 15th, 2011 07:11 pm
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We're both down with colds and stayed in all day. I knit another hat from the boucle yarn i hardly ever use because it's hard to work with. Finally saw some footage this evening of Occupy Toronto (green_trilobite usually keeps the tv tuned to CNN during the day). Looks peaceful so far.

ETA: I also had a conversation via chat with an old friend who moved out to Alberta OMG almost 20 years ago now, and who's been transitioning to female for the last few years (the good news - the doctors who decide if you're "serious" enough to do this apparently have less-stereotypical ideas of gender than they used to; the bad news - provincial health care stopped paying for gender transitions about six months before she started.)

Further ETA: green_trilobite and I worked on his trilobite presentation for November.

To Sum Up:

Jun. 30th, 2011 07:55 am
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So – since being elected, mayor Rob Ford has cut the budget for public transit in order to give a tax break to car-owners; cancelled a pedestrian bridge that had already been approved and budgeted for; eliminated the bike lanes on a major street; refused to attend Gay Pride because he wants that weekend off; and taken a hard-line approach to graffiti removal that has already destroyed at least one commissioned mural put up by a neighbourhood association.

I guess you can’t accuse him of breaking his campaign promises, or of not running true to form.
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OK, the UN has voted to go into Libya. That's the sort of thing the UN is for.

ETA - the cynic in me is amused, however, that *as soon as* the resolution was passed, the US gov't made a statement about how there was a danger the Khadafi might go back to terrorism - like now that he's on the list of official bad guys, they can start making it about how he's a threat to them. Whatever motivates them, I guess - the man certainly needs to be stopped from harming his own people.
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Photos and music from the Wisconsin rally; also marks the first time I've ever heard the word "pwnd" sung out loud.
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Sarah Doucette won for councillor in our local ward. She seems ok – it sounds like she’s mostly known for fighting to keep local public pools open – but what bothers me is that the people displaying her signs on their lawns were often displaying Rob Ford signs as well – I’m not sure which interpretation is more depressing – that many people can’t see the disconnect between voting in a tax-cuts mayor *and* a save-local-services councillor; or that they’re cynically trying to get their own neighbourhood a bigger slice of a smaller pie and the rest of the city can go to hell.


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