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This morning on the way into work I began thinking about the iconic photo of 1930s ironworkers eating lunch on a girder apparently suspended 69 stories over New York. Seems someone else shares my belief that the photo, though real, isn't *quite* as dangerous as it looks:

Remember, old-time skyscrapers had a stepped structure.
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Photos of the town I grew up in, taken between 1980 and 2002. Thaddeus' silver-gelatin photos taken with a 1920s banquet camera make everything look a lot more stark than it usually did, but you'll get the idea.

ETA -- These photos, by the came artist, give a better idea of the colours of things.


May. 1st, 2012 11:30 pm
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Looked up some vintage pin-up photos (which are harder to find than pin-up illustrations, and way harder to find than modern pin-ups in a retro style) and came across one that definitely helped me get the story-in-progress moving forward again; it's the wrong time period, of course, but the atmosphere intrigues me.

ETA - Link fixed with help from sweetmusic_27.
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The Guardian's photo essay on Goth Weekend in Whitby. i like the somewhat deadpan captions: "A goth enjoys the sea breeze in his hair," etc.
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me in costume at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair yesterday (photo by green_trilobite), and some more of Invulnerable (current word count around 7600).

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More Photos

Jul. 2nd, 2006 05:29 am
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They let us off work early on Friday for the Canada Day weekend, so I took the opportunity to photograph the graveyard in front of the Bridalwood Mall, mentioned a few posts back. From inside it's a bit more evidently a parkette with a few extant graves; a lot of broken stones have been incorporated into a low wall. (Pictures behind cut)
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There are two crows who periodically attack my office building. I've noticed they do this more on overcast days, so it's possible that, while on sunny days they only see the building's mirrored surface and are used to the sight of their reflections, on grey days they can make us out as shapes moving on the other side of the glass and freak out. However, they haven't attacked yet today and it's raining, so the hypothesis may not hold.
I only recently noticed that Bridlewood Mall at Warden and Finch has a small cemetery in the parking lot. I suppose they weren't able to relocate the graves when the place was built, and had to go around them. The site looks reasonably well-tended, if a little like a BtVS dream-sequence. (edit - turns out this was the churchyard of Christie's Methodist Church
Canada may soon approve a birth-control pill that *doesn't* have the usual non-hormone-containing pills at the end of the package to create a simulated menstrual cycle; women on this brand would simply avoid having their period at all, which is pretty tempting. I'm amused, though, that the brand is called "Anya."
Henna Tattoos
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I took my camera with me to work the other day to documents the company picnic. After work, I met green-trilobite & the Serial Diners at The Green Room. I hadn't been there since the days when I used to hang around The Poor Alex Theatre a lot because I had friends in Greg Robic's production of Aristophanes' The Clouds; and I don't think I'd ever realized it had a courtyard patio:

Image hosted by

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Ice-cream wagons in storage at the Exhibition Grounds building where the Paradise Comics Convention is being held this weekend.
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Mar. 31st, 2005 09:48 am
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Birds in the park a couple of days ago:Read more... )


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