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So, everyone who saw Andrew yesterday thinks it *is* neurological, and they're going to revisit all the tests done earlier this year. I feel like this is progress of a sort. The bit that worries me is whether neurological=incurable -- someone asked "has anyone ever suggested it might be Lewy Body Dementia?" and I really don't want it to be that.

He was confused throughout the appointment -- the bland institutional setting didn't give him much to help focus his attention. On the MOCHA test, he did fine on connect-the-dots, drawing the clock face, reading, etc, but couldn't remember his name or what day of the week it was. When asked the date, he pondered, then suddenly came out with "OCTOBER 21ST 2015!!" adding "ONE POINT TWO ONE GIGAWATTS!!" I noticed the example sentence he wrote down was a paraphrase of the opening to The Call of Cthuhlu. I wonder what the neurologist will make of that.

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Oct. 20th, 2015 09:21 am
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Would have liked more NDP seats, but happy to see the back of Harper. Congrats to Ruth Ellen Brosseau (AKA "the NDP volunteer who won by accident last time and went to Vegas") for retaining her riding. If, years from now, she becomes Prime Minister or something, people will look back on this as the big turning point for her -- though really it's not so much one point in time, rather four years of having done her job well in her riding despite the unexpected and shaky start.

Narly's chronic kidney disease has officially entered Stage 2, but his appetite is good and he seems active and happy. Yesterday the vet showed us how to give him sub-Q fluids. Hoping we can keep him well for a couple more years at least; he's a sweet little guy, and Andrew takes loss very hard.

One more sleep until I take Andrew to the Memory clinic. I hope they're able to help him. Basically this year has been pretty hellish for both of us in different ways. At least with the election settled it's one worry off my mind, or at least not weighing as heavily.

Still no news from the guy who interviewed me two weeks ago, despite my emails. At this point I'm assuming I didn't get the job, but given that he promised to contact me with a yes or a no, I'm more bothered by the lack of news than by a firm denial. If I try out for a temp position with a two-hour commute and I have to supply my own equipment, the least they could do is tell me within a reasonable period whether I make the grade. Particularly since I bought Adobe CC as it was a requirement for the work, and the clock is ticking on being able to cancel it without penalty if they don't hire me.


Sep. 8th, 2015 12:52 pm
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It's hot and sticky, and Andrew's choking/seizurelike episodes1 have stopped as of Friday, but he still has frequent memory lapses -- the only difference now is that they don't have advance warning. He's got an appointment set up at the memory clinic, but it's still a month and a half away.

Meanwhile, my three job interviews of the last few weeks all resulted in a "no," and I'm beginning to feel unemployable in the current economy, where there's always at least one candidate with more talent/experience/confidence than I have.

On the encouraging side, Bennet signed up as a supporter of my Patreon, so yay, and also I need to ask him if he wants a portrait.

1. According to the neurologist who ran tests earlier this year, they're not seizures, so I'm not sure what to call them.
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So, Andrew'd been suffering earaches for a week, and then yesterday morning he woke up with intense pain in the joint of his left big toe, so after a few hours of putting ice on it to no avail, we went to the emergency room, where they decided they didn't like the results of his blood tests and admitted him; he's now spending his second night, there, though he's in a semi-private room now and the anti-inflammatories are working, so it's likely to be easier on him than last night. They've been giving him fluids, too, so no doubt his kidneys (it's always the kidneys) will be ok when they re-check them.

Actually, we're both hoping this gets a psychiatrist to actually look at him; in the field of mental health it's the wheel that comes to Emergency in serious condition that gets the grease.

Anyway, things are generally fine, although I noticed this afternoon that even though it's not the dementia or the psych ward, some of the patients on his floor are a bit... confused. I was about to leave Andrew's room for a few minutes to get a coffee and found the door blocked by an old man with a walker who was not the other occupant of the room, and who shuffled in and stared at us (and the other occupant) silently, expressionless and unresponsive to our attempts to politely tell him that he was in the wrong room. He wasn't threatening, exactly, and eventually some nurses convinced him to go elsewhere, but having read reviews of It Follows, I was glad I haven't actually seen the movie yet.
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Had an interview yesterday with an employment agency who specialize in design work, etc. The woman I spoke with showed me some adjustments they want me to make to my resume (in terms of wording, presentation etc) and I'm to meet back with her a week from Friday. Hoping if I make myself look good enough they'll be able to find me something as a Junior/Intermediate graphic designer.

Then last night my throat began to hurt -- I'm hoping my cold will have moved on to stuffed-up nose by tomorrow, as I have an interview with another possible employer/agency -- it'll be by phone, so at least I won't have to leave the apartment, but I'd like to be able to speak without pain.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the resume -- having long since absorbed the idea that all submissions should be as plain and legible as possible, it's been both fun and scary to try to make one with a bit more visual pizzazz; but then applying for a graphic design job is not the same as applying for general office work, or submitting a manuscript. I suppose they want evidence that I can make a document eye-catching without sacrificing clarity.
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Did not get much rest last night. Just before going to bed, Andrew discovered he couldn't find our copy of the most recent restoration of Metropolis -- I told him to hold off until the next day and I'd help him search again before we took the step of buying a replacement copy. He agreed but was so restless I got up and we searched -- I eventually found it, and he was happy, but the relief caused his mood to escalate and he couldn't sleep because of racing thoughts. I gave him an ativan -- at this point I can't recall if this was the first or second ativan of the night; I know there were two panic attacks, anyway. Then during the middle of the night he fell out of bed and bruised himself and for a while I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get him up off the floor. Gave him percoset. When I fell asleep I had exhausting dreams in which I was part of a group of people, led by Samuel L. Jackson, who were trying to evacuate a giant, futuristic hotel before some disaster befell it. There may also have been intelligent dinosaurs.

Anyway we're now watching Metropolis. Fritz Rasp is playing essentially the same character he would later do in Woman in the Moon; his ability to look like a shark with legs is amazing.
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The girlfriend of the owner of Andrew’s favourite comic-book store died suddenly on the weekend – I don’t know the details yet. It briefly frightened Andrew into imagining something happening to me, and then into feeling guilty over “being selfish.” I myself don’t like to think what would happen to him on his own, but I close off that avenue with something like Jane Eyre’s response of “I must keep in good health, and not die.” I can usually reassure us both with my family medical history, which is full of octo- and nonagenarians.


Nov. 27th, 2013 01:06 pm
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A couple (so far) of minor stressful incidents seem to be adding up this week:

Yesterday on the bus home, while I was lost in thought, I got interrupted by the driver telling me to smile. I think you already know how I (and a lot of people) feel about being told by random strangers to change our facial expression for their pleasure. Somehow I'm always to embarrassed/stressed/scared to say so when it actually happens, though. All I could do was shake my head, frown and look away. "Aw, you can do better than that," the driver said.

Today we were discussing holding a company lunch in December, and the one Jewish employee stated that he personally has no problem with it being called a Christmas lunch; somehow this still led everyone else to grouse about having to use the word "Holiday." Later I typed up the invite, I used the abbreviation "Xmas" in the subject header, and got told by a co-worker "you're crossing out Christ," at which point I semi-lost it and snapped that it's a perfectly standard abbreviation, for god's sake. The co-workers involved then made noises about how they weren't bothered personally, but what would the boss say? Thing is, I don't think they *are* bothered, it's just their way of making conversation.

Irritating as it can be to watch two people who agree with each other fight like rabid dogs over when trigger warnings are appropriate, I think I'm more at home on their parts of the internet than I am in the mainstream world where I'm the politically-correct weirdo who overthinks everything.


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