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 1. Almost done the baby sweater I have to knit to prove I can knit so I can potentially get some piecework as a test knitter. I'll have it done well before the ten-day turnaround time they need, though I've come to the conclusion that the hood is the most voluminous part of the hoodie.

2. Watched the 1931 Maltese Falcon a couple of days ago. I prefer Bebe Daniels' Miss Wonderly (they never drop the alias in this version) to Mary Astor's. Dwight Frye as Wilmer gets less screen time than Elijah Cook, Jr., but is equally nervy; he apparently kills Gutman (Dudley Digges) and Dr. Cairo (Otto Matieson) offscreen as they head back to "Constantinople." Digges isn't bad; his Kaspar Gutman makes me think he would have played an excellent Mr. Pickwick or, in the villain line, Charles Augustus Milverton. Matieson's Cairo is basically the same as Lorre's, but he misses putting it over the top like Lorre.

As Spade, Ricardo Cortez (born Jacob Krantz) is a completely different character from Bogart's detective. I feel like Bogart is a 1940s character and Cortez is a 1930s one, if that makes sense. He swings wildly between suave and goofily, snappishly sarcastic. He might even have the tiniest touch of sentiment, but only the tiniest. He was definitely sleeping with his partners wife -- for one thing she's Thelma Todd as opposed to Gladys George, who seemed flaky enough to have just imagined his interest, and who did not, in 1941, leave a kimono at Spade's place. There is a neat twist at the end, as long as you don't understand enough Cantonese to have been spoilered back in the first few scenes.

3. I have deleted my LJ, though I think it takes sixty days to believe me. I've located most of my LJ flist on DW, and feel rather as though we ought to have some kind of site-warming party, though it's not easy across time zones. Feel free to post hellos in the comments, however.

ETA 4. Also rewatched Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle which, if you've never seen it, is a movie that has absolutely zero interest in subtlety or psychological realism. Its cartoonish grotesquerie is more touching than a lot of Oscar-nominated films, probably because of the sincerity of Chow's love for the Shaw Brothers, the Warner Brothers, the Peking Opera (I'm guessing from the soundtrack), unexplained heel-face turns and fairytale logic. I'd like to see it in a double bill with Galaxy Quest, because the former is about storytelling as the greatest human invention and Kung Fu Hustle is the kind of ridiculous cheese that could inspire naive extraterrestrials to acts of nobility and heroism.
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Went to a party.

The hostess said, "I understand you're good at cocktails." I wasn't sure why, until I remembered I'd made that apple pie drink for SFContario 2. We looked through the ingredients they had on hand (which were pretty interesting -- they're big on home-made brandied fruit) and I eventually tried mixing diluted elderberry cordial with brandy that had had candied seville orange peel soaking in it for months (it was noted that this basically made it triple-sec). It went over well. I call the drink "The Marmalade."

Later there was haggis. I'd only ever had vegetarian haggis before, so I was pleased to discover that real haggis is delicious. I've never had dirty rice, but I suspect it's similar, only with rice instead of oats and slightly different spices.

Verdict -- a successful evening.

Also I've begun another sweater.


Jan. 26th, 2013 04:09 pm
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As it turned out, I bought enough yarn for a sweater, hat and lace-up fingerless gloves. All finished and photographed now.


Jan. 26th, 2013 02:03 pm
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As it turned out, I bought enough yarn for a sweater, hat and lace-up fingerless gloves. All finished and photographed now.
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My Knitpicks yarn arrived today, and I've started this sweater in dark grey.

Tried to find the glockenspiel cover of 'Where Is My Mind?' that featured recently on Criminal Minds; it's not on iTunes, but I came across a bluegrass cover that's kind of neat. Also, I was sure I had 'Wave of Mutilation,' but it's not in my computer, so I downloaded it too. I recall thinking before that if 'Shadow Over Innsmouth' was a surfing movie, this is what would play over the last scene as the narrator (possibly with his cousin who he's busted out of the asylum) paddles out to join the sea for the last time. It would continue triumphantly over the closing credits.
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OK, I'm not even sure how to explain this NSFW short film, but: starts as a depressing Swedish film; turns into a Swedish porn film; also, all the actors are wearing giant knitted doll suits. It's in Swedish, but seems to have actually been shot in Argentina.
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The fairisle sweater is coming along. I just hope I don't run out of the reddish-purple yarn before I finish the yoke (all the other colours were purchased for this project and I should have enough). I also made a chart after-the-fact for the fairisle motifs (I actually worked from charts scrawled in ballpoint pen on bits of scrap paper.)

ETA - found another ball of the purple yarn. Yay.
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My temp job apparently continues into another month. In celebration of continued income, I bought some 100% wool yarn after work today, having grown sick of trying to use up the acrylic stash. The Mary Maxim's at Yonge & Eglinton has a a better selection than I remember.
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Taught a seven-year-old to knit. She was definitely getting the hang of it by the time she and her family headed home; mind you, she was still accidentally making extra stitches, but her parents have an instruction book at home, they can help her figure that one out. At least I mitigated her boredom for an hour or so.

ETA - picture link:

green_trilobite and Rob Sawyer at the trilobite panel.

Home, Sick

Oct. 15th, 2011 07:11 pm
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We're both down with colds and stayed in all day. I knit another hat from the boucle yarn i hardly ever use because it's hard to work with. Finally saw some footage this evening of Occupy Toronto (green_trilobite usually keeps the tv tuned to CNN during the day). Looks peaceful so far.

ETA: I also had a conversation via chat with an old friend who moved out to Alberta OMG almost 20 years ago now, and who's been transitioning to female for the last few years (the good news - the doctors who decide if you're "serious" enough to do this apparently have less-stereotypical ideas of gender than they used to; the bad news - provincial health care stopped paying for gender transitions about six months before she started.)

Further ETA: green_trilobite and I worked on his trilobite presentation for November.
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Well, the kitchen is only slightly more organized, but the countertops are at least partly visible, the stovetop is clean and I have new dishtowels (bright green); also I knit a teacosy yesterday (magenta) and today's test suggests it works well (catches the drips from the spout.)

Trying to write a bit more for Deadwood S4, but so far I've just got a painfully-detailed description of Doc getting up in the morning. I went and looked at pictures of kerosene lamps/small heaters for kettles.
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Finished the short-row ribbed turban; green_trilobite photographed it for me, but the details on a black hat don't show up well, so I'm re-knitting it in red. This should also confirm the pattern so I can write it down. I want to call the main hat "Mother Ship" and the detachable ornament which can double as a fascinator in its own right "Escape Pod." This attempt to tweak the pattern didn't work so well, though.

Also, I'm tempted to bling up these wedges, to which I've already added ribbon ankle ties; the heels aren't actually cork, they're some kind of smooth foam printed to look like cork. After I get paid next week I'm thinking of hitting the dollar store for some acrylic paint (maybe purple!) and rhinestones; or I could draw on the heels in sharpie once I've put down a base coat. We'll see.
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The hat for Random Bus Guy Norbert yesterday, but I seem to have lost his number. I’m kind of relieved at not having to phone some strange guy and ask if he still wants a hat; but I should probably check my purse one more time to have a clear conscience.

Meanwhile I’m trying to design another 1940-style turban hat, this one knit flat with short-row shaping.
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In my attempts to not be rude I think I may have agreed to knit a hat for some guy named Norbert who was sitting next to me on the bus.

Glove 1

Aug. 21st, 2011 09:41 am
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You can't see the cable that well in the photo, but the first arm-warmer has been completed.


Aug. 18th, 2011 01:21 pm
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Yesterday I found some acrylic yarn called Bernat Mosaiic – basically it looks like Noro Kureyon, but is slightly cheaper and more importantly, not itchy; mind you it looks like the sort of texture that might pill with use. Have begun some cabled armwarmers; the colourway is very nice, and so far has produced wide, subtly-transitioning stripes in purple, dark green and brown (there’s also some beige coming up in the skein).
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My stashbusting shawl is finally about 90% done -- right now I'm doing the *really* boring part - knitting a garter-stitch edging along the long side of the triangle.


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