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Jun. 1st, 2012 10:03 pm
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So, first few days of the new job have been ok. It's to do with insurance plans and retirement benefits, so I'm sworn not to talk about it for reasons of confidentiality; also, probably not that interesting.

I can tell you, however, that there is a foosball table in the lunchroom.


May. 29th, 2012 08:44 pm
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Dress in progress.
Need to pick up some zippers so I can finish this and the previous one. This is from the same pattern as the blue one, but I tried to draft a collar; I'm not entirely happy with it, it's too floppy. The orange and purple combo isn't bad, though; it sort of looks like something Velma from Scooby-Doo would wear to a party.

ETA: I start a new job tomorrow; maybe I can buy zippers on the way home.
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Back to the job hunt - which today really just meant e-mailing all the places I sent resumes last week asking "did you receive my application, nudge nudge?" I also called the pharmacy to refill green_trilobite's prescriptions.

Meanwhile, I guess I'm still on a craft kick - I've started making the walkaway dress from the print fabric that made such a lousy tablecloth yesterday. So far, so good - I've cut out the pieces, following this advice and redrawing the front closure into a V-shape. I've sewn the pieces together and it looks like the fit will be good. I've made several yards of bias tape from the leftover fabric, using this tutorial. I've discovered that making bias tape is really labour-intensive, but the one thing I've never liked about the original design is the contrasting bias tape on the edges, so I have to make my own from matching fabric.

I'll probably wait till tomorrow to sew on all that tape, but I'm feeling pretty good about the project.

Off to buy cat food now.

ETA - Got impatient and sewed on all the bias tape this evening, while green_trilobite watched Jackie Brown. Tomorrow I need to fix a couple of mistakes (button loops in the wrong places) and sew on some buttons.

So basically this dress can be made in slightly more time than it takes to run Popeye (the live-action feature), Daredevil (director's cut, the one where the plot makes sense) and Jackie Brown.


Dec. 14th, 2011 05:06 pm
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I've got a temp job lined up for the next few weeks - in Don Mills. Starting Monday morning I'll see how long it takes me to get there.
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Yay weekend! I can wear unbifurcated garments!
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First day at the warehouse seemed to go ok, except I may have got into a minor disagreement over Patton's role in the North African campaign.
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The shipping clerk interview seemed to go well. If I get it, I'll need to buy steel-toed boots. Pulling up the Mark's Work Wearhouse website...

ETA - Mark's Work Wearhouse has a lousy website.
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Hoping I didn't come off as too shy during the job interview - it mostly consisted of the other applicant and myself being asked "what would you do in this situation" questions; then at the end we were given five minutes to pick a celebrity and put together an outfit for him/her. Not being up on living celebs, I picked River Song (low-heel lace-up boots, men's pinstriped trousers as the store had no jodhpurs, sophisticated little black dress but with some punkish studs, cropped brocade jacket and a parka), and then had to briefly explain who she was.

There's more than one position (and more than one shop); I don't know if they'll hire me (I'm hoping they found me charmingly quirky and not just weird) but I'm sure they'll hire the other applicant, as she has tons of retail experience and a friendly manner; in fact I hung out with her for forty minutes afterward at the nearest Second Cup, talking about historical and fantasy fiction and the joys of thrift stores - so the ideal, I suppose, would be if we both get hired for the same location.

Ring ring

Sep. 21st, 2011 01:21 pm
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Well, I've got a job interview for Friday at 9 am - one of the stores from yesterday called back. We'll see what happens.
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Scoured Queen West for stores with "Help Wanted" signs and found three (well, five, but one needed a gel nail technician and Miss Behaving needs models, but they only pay in lingerie.) Fired off resumes, we'll see what happens.
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Well, I got let go from work. More details later. Right now I've come home, told green_trilobite, calmed him down, and we're going grocery-shopping.

ETA 4:23 pm - Ok, so basically I'm not that surprised - the company changed their product line *and* their factory set up (and their database software) at the start of this year, and without going into detail, the transition has been anything but smooth - I'm sure they've taken some financial knocks as a result. Also, they'd been giving me fewer things to do for the last couple of months, and they were training some new people - some of whom I think were also let go today, while the remaining one probably became my replacement.

They're giving me six weeks pay in lieu of notice, a letter of recommendation, and my medical insurance continues until the end of October; all things I didn't get the last time I was fired from anywhere, so I'm not feeling too bad. Tomorrow I'll try the temp agency that got me this placement three years ago.


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