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My parents took out out for lunch for my birthday, and mentioned that they'd recently got into researching my mother's grandfather with the prompting of her cousin. She'd never really known her grandfather (he'd been about twenty years older than her grandmother), and all she'd heard was that he was musically inclined (and not so good at farming). There was also a family legend that he'd originally been destined for the church. Apparently this turned out to have been true, except -- well, we're not sure what went wrong along the way, but apparently he ended up being convicted of "burglary and sacrilege," served time, and afterwards emigrated, changing the spelling of his name in the process. I think his downfall came after he'd been doing missionary work in the slums of London, and Dad speculated he'd snapped under the pressure (the research had also turned up some cases of mental illness in other branches of the family).

Somehow, they only part of this that surprises me is the church connection. I'd thought all the religion was on my Dad's side of the family.

Afterwards, I bought some yarn (Mom wants a bulky garter-stitch cowl for Christmas), a mini-cupcake pan and liners (for seasonal baking), and, from the thrift store, a red blouse and a green blouse/poncho thing which may in fact be an Xmas-tree skirt.


Mar. 7th, 2012 12:25 pm
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Just realized that once again, Hina Matsuri has whizzed by without my noticing. Mind you, I guess that's understandable given that I'm not Japanese and don't have daughters.
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My last week at the temp job. They had balloons everywhere today, and cake, to celebrate, um, the fact that the company's slightly changed its name. Today is also the start of Chinese New Year. This apparently led to at least one person, upon arriving to greetings and balloons, replying "Gung Hay Fat Ch- - wait, those aren't New Year's decorations! WTF?!"
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Here's to the miraculous conservation of lighting power!

ETA - and on that note - LED menorah!


Oct. 9th, 2011 11:44 pm
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Went to Thanksgiving dinner with friends, but stopped at another couple's apartment on the way over to drop some stuff off, so two visits in one day; and tomorrow we're going to my brother's house for dinner with him and my parents. This weekend's the biggest social whirl I've had in a while. Talked a lot tonight - hope I didn't dominate the conversation too much (someone was reading us an essay he's writing on the history of "cool" - I thought he should have compared it more carefully with earlier social concepts like "good form" or "sprezzatura," rather than treating it as a purely late 20th-c invention.)

When I've got a bunch of people to talk to and interesting topics, it's like dessert for my brain.
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Finally learned to play dominoes today.

Now I'm watching fireworks from my window. Not a professional display - I'd have to be on the other side of the building to see that - but a lot of people setting off their own in the Lakeshore park (plus a few that seem to be coming from the terraces and balconies of high-rises). mostly just roman candles, with the occasional starburst shell, but someone at the end of the spit has a few of those white ones that travel in corkscrew trajectories.

The bats must be nonplussed.
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Friday we cleaned the apartment. Most of the living room carpet is now visible and it is also possible to walk up to the tv screen.

Saturday, green_trilobite got a haircut and I bought my cousins a wedding present – a glass pitcher resembling a non-anthropomorphic version of the Kool-Aid Man, and a glass stirring stick. They will likely also get a bottle of wine and a recipe for sangria. I am still deciding whether or not to write “Oh Yeah!” on the gift tag.

Saw a lone busker singing ‘Love Me Do,’ while accompanying himself on the tambourine. It was like Ringo as a solo act.

Removed coats, had brunch on patio.

Watched Dr. Who, shivered.

Yesterday we had dinner with my parents at my brother’s place. My brother is actually in NY this weekend, so technically I guess his cat Edison was our host.


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