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 Went to bed last night glad that at least the civic and state authorities had agreed that Nazis marching in the streets was an emergency, woke up to find one of said Nazis had rammed a car through a crowd and killed at least one person. The cynic in me thinks that since the victim was (a) a local, and (b) white, young, and attractive, her murderer may actually get convicted.

For or those of us outside the US, or the immediate vicinity of Charlottesville, here's a link to a list of possible donation/support sites. I've seen friends on DW posting similar lists as well.

Here in Toronto, going to try and get the upcoming BBQ in memory of the Christie Pits Riot, if they can get the date pinned down.
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Installed the zipper, and now the bodice looks... slightly puckered and twisted; even though I sewed the zipper in by hand. I don't recall the front seams looking that bad before the zipper, so I think it must be the cause. Calling a break for tonight. Will unpick it and try again tomorrow.
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...Which may have been occasioned by the different religious observances going on this week and the debates they have engendered.

One of the things the internet has made painfully clear to me is that a lot of people have trouble seeing any group they don't belong to as anything but a giant homogenous entity. In the case of religious/political arguments, this leads to a lot of this:

Q: You say you're a moderate believer in X, so how come you aren't more vocal in disagreeing with the fanatical believers in X?

A: We did disagree with them. Several centuries ago. They kicked us out/tried to kill us for it, so we had to go start our own group. Which is why they currently won't listen to us, and in fact actually hate us more than they hate you.

Q: I still think you're closet allies of theirs. Discussion over, except for the shouting.
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Today is the day I'm officially sick of "wouldn't it be great if we could just let natural selection take out the stupid people, hardy har."

No one ever thinks they're one of "the stupid people," but that assumption is never 100% right. We all have absent-minded moments. Frex, I had to take this image down the first time I uploaded it to Flickr because I'd forgotten to blur out the names.

I know plenty of intelligent people with blind spots, or gaps in their knowledge.*

Furthermore, if I have my doubts that society is really improved by a death penalty for criminal behaviour, why would I favour a death penalty for stupidity?

* a note on the bottle of "Lakota Muscle Pain Topical Rub" indicating how to neutralize the stuff if it starts to burn you would have saved me several painful minutes a few years back -- for the record, the counter-agent is milk.
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We also had lunch in a restaurant downtown, with the usual tv screens in the background. Luckily the sound was off, but at one point I noticed an ad for trucks which began with a "non-fat, decaf, overpriced" cup of coffee being crushed beneath the wheels of the big manly pickup truck RAWR!! Are ads still dissing lattes to prove their salt-of-the-earth masculinity? I thought that had died out a few years ago after Esso stations began selling cappuchino.

I know this shouldn't bug me so much, but during the months I was shipping clerk in a warehouse I never heard any of the guys there say anything against fancy coffees. Admittedly, the topic of coffee rarely came up (mostly they preferred to talk about politics/religion). The only one who ever mentioned Starbucks said he quite liked their lattes. Also admittedly, they probably weren't the target audience for this ad, being a multi-ethnic bunch of guys who mostly took public transit to work; the ones who drove trucks drove full-size freight trucks. The white guy from a rural background who was probably closest to the ad's image of a man's man was the guy who liked the lattes. He also liked kale.

I guess this is the usual annoyance I feel whenever anyone tries to sell a product on the "Real men do (xthing which in fact only *some* men do)" line.
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OK, so green_trilobite had a doctor's appointment on Saturday (booked while I was still working) and he's being sent for a slate of blood tests as usual - normally he doesn't make it to these because getting somewhere under his own power before pills and breakfast - not going to happen. This time, we figured, we'd take advantage of me being ad lib; so this morning we set out early to the pharmacy to pick up the new prescription and get his tests done at the lab upstairs; only it turned out there *is* no lab upstairs from the pharmacy anymore. The pharmacists told us the nearest labs were at Royal York, and at Kipling, but that the one at Kipling was usually crowded. One of them called us a cab to go to the Royal York lab. Cab arrives and the driver says "You know it's ten dollars extra for a van, right?"
"No one's ever told us that before, and anyway we didn't ask for a van."
"The call specified a van."
"OK, I don't want to argue, I'll cover it." (To self - I will not let someone else order cabs for us again.)

So we reach the address at Royal York, climb a flight of those skeletal staircases you get in small 1950s-era office buildings (no fun for green_trilobite), then through a door and *down* a couple of stairs to the smallest waiting room I've ever seen, which contains four adult-size chairs, one kid's chair, and eight adults waiting.

It seems the lab has recently been taken over by a different company, who've either changed the database software, cut the number of employees, or both; at any rate there is one single technician there, who can blow through taking blood samples in a couple of minutes, but only after she takes about half an hour to type the client's information into the computer very slowly.

We wait. I add an additional seven or eight inches to the scarf I'm working on. Several people give up and leave. Finally she starts entering green_trilobite's info. Forty minutes go by. She mutters imprecations at the computer, complains about how many tests he needs, and phones - twice - to ask someone how to enter the amount of time since he last had his pills. We hold our tongues and focus on the thought that after this we're going straight to the Canadiana Restaurant for HUGE BREAKFAST RAWR.

Then, on her second phone call she suddenly says "Oh no. What just? - I hit a button and it wiped the whole entry!"

THAT'S IT, sez green_t, WE'RE LEAVING.

We leave.

Tomorrow we try again with a different location (Jane and Bloor); we'll be sure to bring books this time.
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Dear Mobilia Furniture – actually, being into BDSM is not incompatible with buying nice housewares – even, yes, leather furniture. Your smarmy nudge-nudge ads, on the other hand, are completely incompatible with me being in a good mood.

In other news: letting my meds run out – still a bad idea. Sigh. I’ll have to call the pharmacy and see if they got my scrip renewed. I hate calling them, especially when the regular pharmacist is on vacation.
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In other news, screw you, France. Making burquas illegal is just as misogynist as making them mandatory. (Also I suspect there's a sop to the anti-immigration vote at the back of this).


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