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Home from SFContario (green_trilobite was too exhausted to stick around for the dead-dog.) A good time was had: I woke up Saturday morning with a possible story idea, I got pressed-ganged into the Masquerade for wearing my jetpack, and today wound up moderating a panel on the portrayal of disability and prosthetics in SF, due to the absence of half the projected panel members. Given the circumstances, I decided to *begin* with questions and comments from the audience, and it became a somewhat wide-ranging conversation but there was a neuroscientist in the front row and someone brought up C. L. Moore's 'Of No Woman Born' before I did and thanked me afterwards for a "lively discussion" so I think it went well.

The-guy-from-the-Readercon-incident was there, because he's not banned from cons other than Readercon. I mention this because I don't know him by sight, so late Friday night I was chatting with several people, while sensing that something was making green_trilobite uncomfortable, but didn't find out until afterwards that it was the company. But that was the only really awkward incident. Last night I looked around the Con Suite at a bunch of people of various ages talking about interesting and arcane topics while no loud music played in the background and wondered, for a moment, how this party would look to non-fans -- would they be horrified or envious? But I suppose it doesn't matter, and anyway, to assume non-fans are all of the same mind is even more of a logical fallacy than to assume it of fans.
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Impressed by the Mars landing, but more amazed by how fast the internet has embraced Flight Director Bobak "Mohawk Guy" Ferdowsi -- I mean, within a few hours, there was fanart.

Apparently he has noticed, and simply tweeted "You win this round, Internet."
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I've never actually attended Readercon, but I know many people who have, and I've been following the recent harassment case with everyone else. I'm relieved to repost the latest news. Score one for the community arguing with a bad decision.
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I currently work for a company that does third-party insurance administration. On Friday someone at work had asked if I'd any plans for the weekend.
"My spouse and I are going to an SF Convention. Just for the Saturday."

"S.F. ...State Farm?"

Um, yes. I've got my hall costume all ready - I'm going as an insurance rider.

"Science Fiction," a better-informed co-worker said drily.

Lloyd and Yvonne gave us a lift to and from the convention hotel, saving us around 100$ in taxi fare, so this was the least expensive Saturday at Polaris we've ever had. Also got to spend more time hanging out with green_trilobite's friend Larry than usual, although poor Larry wasn't enjoying the weekend as much as he'd hoped because his boss had come into work with a cold the week before and he was now coming down with a sore throat (and he was there to host various events and do a lot of talking). We did hear him read an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with great flair to a roomful of people, before he had to stop.

Attended a 2-hour demo of a costume-construction/special effects technique that involved carving shapes from foam rubber (or anything else lightweight and porous) and then painting it over with layers of silicon; the woman giving the demo had made a really convincing simulacrum of the Witch-King's headgear that was actually quite soft.

Also went to a panel on John Carter with handful_ofdust and others (green_trilobite got pulled up onto the panel dais because he knows about Edgar Rice Burroughs). Hung out with handful_ofdust for a little while after.

The Ad Astra room party was great - they plied us with blender drinks and green_trilobite won one of the Ad Astra 2012 shirts in a draw. It's a really nice shirt too - I can't find a picture of it online but it's got an image done in the style of Rockwell or Leyendecker, of what appear to be John Carter and Deja Thoris in a circular frame, which is evidently the thought balloon of the kid in the foreground who is reading with an enrapt look on his face.

Saw Steve and Cal just as we were leaving - I guess they'd come to pick up handful_ofdust. Steve prompted Cal to say "Hi Sarah," but he said it with believable enthusiasm.
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Began helping green_trilobite make notes for his presentation on trilobites at SFContario (which is two months off, but he's nervous because he's on a panel with John Scalzi, who's GoH.) I noticed that google docs has an an option for "presentations," which seems to be a sort of off-brand power-point software, so I'll try and use that to make him a slideshow.
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Off to Polaris for the day. Expect to return late, to grumpy cats.
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My cousin's wedding was good, and the reception afterwards was good - the only thing was that in between we had about three hours to kill. So we drank coffee, and then we went to a Blockbuster closing-out sale. I now own a $6.99 copy of My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?. And then we visited my grandparents' graves; and by that time we figured it was ok to show up at the golf club where the banquet was to be held.

I learned my cousin has a suit of chain mail - a few years ago, he bought 50 lbs of rings and, with three weeks until Hallowe'en, roped his friends, family and co-workers into helping him link them into mail. I also learned he and a few of his friends went to a LARPing weekend once, but were too scared by the other fans (possibly the panda furry, but more likely the self-cutters) to repeat the experiment. His sister, OTOH, ran into a crowd of cosplayers from Anime North last night and seems to have been intrigued, once she decided she wasn't just hallucinating them.

ETA - here are my parents and brother killing time at the Starbucks, and here's green_trilobite with his iPad.
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I transcribed the hotel address from a Polaris email and took us 30-40$ of cab fare out of our way before we got to the Don Mills Plaza.

I remembered too late that the Don Mills Plaza is the reason we'd stopped going to Ad Astra a few years back: It's a terrible building, inconveniently laid out even for the completely able-bodied, which a lot of fans aren't; I think the building's architect must have actively feared an attack by armed force in wheelchairs, or something. Perhaps Daleks.
At any rate it made me feel I was causing green_trilobite undue pain every time I wanted to change locations,and for this reason we only went to one panel, though we did see several of handful_ofdust's and kelpqueen's readings, and I finally met their excellent book-cover artist, Erik Mohr.

Also, the dealer's room, though small, did have a booth selling charming little puppets that perch on your shoulder - I bought a baby griffin, now christened Whatsit.

There were many steampunk costumes - so many that more than one person joked that the event should have been called "GoggleCon." The steampunk Ghostbusters were particularly memorable.
As regards the field test of my own outfit, I have determined that most of it is comfortable enough to wear for 15 hours, but that the corset and the goggles both start to chafe a bit after 13 hours, and the knitted shrug starts to get sweaty after only about 5 hours - must work on that. Also I need a button hook for the gloves. The boots and the bustle performed well throughout. Pictures when I get them.

ETA - Also I hereby resolve that next time I go to a convention w/o staying at the hotel, I will just pay for the overpriced drinks in the hotel bar rather than try to be clever and bring my own booze for the room parties, which I will then have to lug around all day and which no one drinks until after I go home.

Further ETA - Overheard Rob Sawyer talking about his trilogy Wake, Watch and Wonder, and misheard it as Weight-Watch Wonder: I thought he'd written a book about his experiences with the Atkins diet.....
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Worried that in my recent fanfic surge, I’m getting a bit obsessive over Mr. Dourif – OTOH, I guess if you’re not obsessed with something you’re dead. Mostly, I think it’s a sort of craning-my-head-to-one-side, trying to figure out exactly what it is about the proportions of his face that makes it so subtly off-kilter.

(ETA--After some consideration, I think it’s mostly the eyebrows – even when not shaved off (as for Grima in LotR) they’re pretty subtle as eyebrows go – this produces a sense of openness and emphasizes the heart shape of the face, but leaves the eyes vulnerable. This may be why he seems more human as Doc – between the glasses and the moustache, his face looks a lot less naked.

Also, generally speaking, it’s a face that makes more sense when it’s actually in motion.)

You know how people sometimes say their first clue they were gay was that as kids they’d watch romance movies and fall for the hero instead of the heroine (or vice versa)? I always got a crush on the hero’s wacky sidekick, or the pompous guy who obviously wasn’t going to get the girl, and so on. This is why I don’t read gossip magazines – it’s not that I’m above gossip, it’s just that you’re never going to see a headline in Hello about “Steve Buscemi’s Secret Love Nest in the Hamptons,” or something.


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