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Question for fragrantwoods and zagzagael: I'm considering throwing a spanner into the S4 works, namely, a bit of a mystery arc - a few months back I wrote an opening chapter in which Dolly has been poisoned by a Gem customer messing about with spanish fly - she pulls through, but a number of people would like to find the responsible party so they can kill him. I never followed it up, but now I'm wondering if it could become a plot point, especially if Doc has to bring Janine into the Gem to help out (not that anyone but dan would likely know her there.)



May. 27th, 2011 07:54 am
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Fragrantwoods has posted a very funny bit of meta-fic, which, um, indirectly references some of my fic towards the end.


Apr. 29th, 2011 08:30 am
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green_trilobite spontaneously decided to rewatch the first episode of Deadwood last night. It’s strange seeing each character introduced. Al is still metaphorically twirling his moustache; Jane gets this look of fangirl squee on her face every time Bill speaks to her; Doc is this weird little mad-scientist guy you don’t know whether or not to trust, and Rev. Smith is already a bit off kilter, but you don’t yet know what to make of him, either. Ellsworth hasn’t cleaned up yet. I’d forgotten Tim Driscoll, as he doesn’t survive this episode – the actor keeps reminding me of Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) in a weird way.

I’d also forgotten how many scenes there are of not-talking in Deadwood – you think of it as all about the language, but people throw a lot of “yeah, I noticed it too” glances at each other.
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Awoke from a dream about cooking lamb chops, to reflect that one area where Deadwood handwaves things a bit is kitchen staff. I can believe that Cy keeps his out of sight; maybe the Gem girls pull a second shift watching pots for Jewel; but E.B. and Richardson appear to be running the Grand Central entirely on their lonesomes - granted, it's supposed to be a terrible hotel, but they still have to somehow supply lousy food to dozens of diners every day. My local McDonalds gets crazy when there's a half-dozen lined up, and they've got four times as many workers and a modern kitchen.

Even when Hearst brings in Aunt Lou, she only seems to have Richardson to assist her, and one would think if she'd been head cook for a big house in San Francisco, she'd be used to more help than that.


Jan. 17th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Doc Cochran CHIBI
by ~AmandaBellman on deviantART

I would also like to thank deviantart for the best fannish statement this week:

"I guess it's rare to find someone else who likes celebrity-giant-fanfic."
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Ok: Tales from the Deadwood Zombie Invasion:

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Fic update

Oct. 19th, 2009 12:50 am
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OK, updated, 3-chapter version of "Voluntary Motion" (formerly "Counterbalance" and "The Pantry") is up on - now with preliminary conversation between Jewel and Trixie - not sure if it should go at the beginning or between the other two scenes. Feedback appreciated.
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In which I continue to write naughty stuff about supporting characters.

Title: The Pantry
Author: mooncustafer
Rating: R
Category: het, pretty vanilla except that one partner has a leg brace
Pairing: Doc/Jewel
Warnings: some bad words, sexual situations described more graphically than I have hitherto done.
Disclaimer: I've nothing to do with Deadwood.
Also I'm not sure if the phrase "cute as a bug's ear" is period, I just like it.
Summary: It's about time something happened!
(follows after my earlier story, 'Counterweight')

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