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harley_standing by ennalss
harley_standing, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

The Harley costume is more or less complete -- I still need to do a bit more work on the sleeves, and to sew a snap connecting the jacket and the skirt so they don't gape when I lift my arm. Or I could just wear a black t-shirt underneath.

One thing I've found is that the diamond shapes tend to distort visually when applied to a 3D body. I don't know whether it's possible to counter-distort them if I do another version.

Now she needs a hat (I think in this version of the DC-verse Benjamin Green-Field, of Bes-Ben Hats, actually *is* the Mad Hatter) and the Flit gun.

harley_sitting by ennalss
harley_sitting, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

Cuter photo, though it doesn't show the outfit as well.

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Jacket and skirt are now down to the tedious-but-important hand-finishing details -- sewing on various kinds of fasteners, hemming, applique-ing a few more patches. Will probably try and get some snapshots in the stairwell later this week. It's occurred to me I can ask to borrow Andrew's psychiatric white coat for some shots.
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harley_closeup by ennalss
harley_closeup, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

A couple of weeks ago, I started imagining a late-1940s version of Harley Quinn. I even think she could have a backstory where she worked either on a VA psych ward or in the psychological warfare/propaganda department, and by the end of the war she cracks, and takes refuge in a playful anarchy inspired by the Marx Brothers movies she loved as a kid.

Anyway, I've been making a first attempt at a costume. I'm not really happy with the sleeves (the shoulders should be puffier for one thing) and I need to find some way to get the half-peplum to jut out more. Also I need to make a matching skirt and a hat. But I think I like where this is going. I'm also going to try to make a prop "Flit" insecticide gun, as I envision it as her weapon of choice (Dr. Suess famously drew Flit's ads, and also one of their sprayers appeared in Animal Crackers).

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Despite all the pearl-clutching about hyper-sexualized Hallowe'en costumes, the most common outfit for women seemed to be "whatever I usually wear, plus cat ears." Those who really wanted to make an effort had dug through their wardrobes for something in a leopard print to go with the ears.
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I still need to figure out how to attach the secondary jets - either to the sides of the main one, or to the wings so that they'll slide out to either side. Either way, I suspect epoxy is going to be required.
Also need to attach a decorative motif to the dark spot in the centre of the central pack.


Oct. 8th, 2012 06:39 pm
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Everybody wants to fly.

This weekend I finally started in on the jet-wings costume I've been planning for SFCOntario 3 (also Hallowe'en, even though these days that's usually just hanging out in our building's lobby long enough to take a few pictures).

The extendable wings are pretty much done and harnessed -- now I just need to figure out how to attach the jets (painted juice-bottles).

One can do a lot with gold paint thinly brushed over a coat of black.

I think I might also get some off-white fabric and attach little sails between the "metal" pinions. My aviatrix outfit is good to go, except I think, having tried it one, that full-length khakis would look better than shorts over tights. Pix later. Meanwhile, drinking coffee with a shot of Kraken spiced rum. Yum ("nom" is reserved for solids).

ETA - while taking out the recycling, I found a value-size laundry-detergent bottle with two nozzles. This is perfect for a jet-pack - either incorporated into the costume, or for someone's kid.
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Leaveharmony, have you see this yet?
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Just got back from Bazaar of the Bizarre, Toronto's twice-yearly goth/steampunk/hipster/psychobilly craft fair: Sock monkeys in Superman costumes? They got'em. Dia de los Muertos souvenirs? Check. Aprons and potholders in Frankenstein-printed fabric? Miniature fimo sushi jewelry? Notebooks bound in old vinyl LPs? Yep.

I lent green_trilobite $40 to get a pendant watch that consisted of clockwork inside a magnifying glass bubble. I got a few decorative pins and one of the sushi rings, but resisted the steampunk gear, as I really couldn't justify it as "something I can wear to my cousin's wedding in May." (OK, the sushi ring isn't very wedding-themed either.)
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Some of the pictures from this book lead me to suspect the existence in the 1970s of a sub-set of the BDSM community who were into macrame bondage.....

Mongo DIY

Jan. 29th, 2011 10:17 am
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For me, one of the pleasures of old Flash Gordon serials is figuring out what the costumes and props were made from - the actual clothes look to have been pulled from stock - they're comic-opera European military uniforms, mostly. I was looking again at the helmets Ming's soldiers wear, and thinking "ok, the base is a leather football helmet - the vizzard is either a welder's mask, or a piece of cardboard cut to the shape of a welder's mask; oh, hey, I think those are mason jar lids on the ears."
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Dad makes his young son a Robocop costume for Hallowe'en. Father & son actually live in Detroit, so they take it out for a test walk in actual future-dystopia Detroit locations. Series of surreally-cute photos follow.
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Anyone know if this is the same weeping angel costume that was at Polaris this past weekend? The main difference I can see is that she uses a mask.
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I transcribed the hotel address from a Polaris email and took us 30-40$ of cab fare out of our way before we got to the Don Mills Plaza.

I remembered too late that the Don Mills Plaza is the reason we'd stopped going to Ad Astra a few years back: It's a terrible building, inconveniently laid out even for the completely able-bodied, which a lot of fans aren't; I think the building's architect must have actively feared an attack by armed force in wheelchairs, or something. Perhaps Daleks.
At any rate it made me feel I was causing green_trilobite undue pain every time I wanted to change locations,and for this reason we only went to one panel, though we did see several of handful_ofdust's and kelpqueen's readings, and I finally met their excellent book-cover artist, Erik Mohr.

Also, the dealer's room, though small, did have a booth selling charming little puppets that perch on your shoulder - I bought a baby griffin, now christened Whatsit.

There were many steampunk costumes - so many that more than one person joked that the event should have been called "GoggleCon." The steampunk Ghostbusters were particularly memorable.
As regards the field test of my own outfit, I have determined that most of it is comfortable enough to wear for 15 hours, but that the corset and the goggles both start to chafe a bit after 13 hours, and the knitted shrug starts to get sweaty after only about 5 hours - must work on that. Also I need a button hook for the gloves. The boots and the bustle performed well throughout. Pictures when I get them.

ETA - Also I hereby resolve that next time I go to a convention w/o staying at the hotel, I will just pay for the overpriced drinks in the hotel bar rather than try to be clever and bring my own booze for the room parties, which I will then have to lug around all day and which no one drinks until after I go home.

Further ETA - Overheard Rob Sawyer talking about his trilogy Wake, Watch and Wonder, and misheard it as Weight-Watch Wonder: I thought he'd written a book about his experiences with the Atkins diet.....


Nov. 1st, 2009 09:14 am
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Originally uploaded by ennalss
My Hallowe'en costume - I invented a superhero called Astragal. It's a carpentry joke, but I don't think anyone at the office of the shutter factory got it.


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