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Yesterday copper badge was asked this on Tumblr:

I added a response, but there was a character limit, so I want to make my own post and LJ still strikes me as a better location for a wall o'text:

I was curious enough to take a quick Google, and first off, Wikipedia claims Tony Stark's mother's maiden name was Maria Collins Carbonell, except in the Ultimates where she was Maria Cerrera.
Searching "Maria Carbonell" turns up several real-life individuals named María Carbonell, all of whom appear to be in or from Spanish-speaking countries. I then tried searching "Collins Carbonell," and got someone in Chile named "(Firstname) Carbonell Collins." I leave out her first name because I worry that I'm being a bit stalker-y, looking up all these people.

So, we've got a possible Spanish or S. American connection, even with the middle name “Collins.” Is there a cannon backstory for how Howard and Maria met? I assume that in the movie universe at least it was after WWII, as Howard Stark appears to be single during the events of Captain America. The Carbonells could have been a Spanish family opposed to Franco, but the "Collins" part of the name makes me guess a Latin American connection: I can see Cold-War Howard Stark doing business in South America, both for its own sake and to guard US trade interests, and I think it would be completely plausible for a wealthy family there to have a 19th-century trader or gold prospector named Collins in the family background.

copperbadge points out that Stan Lee originally wrote Tony as coming from a privileged background, which at the time would not likely have been Italian-American; but AFAIK, up until, say, the Cuban Revolution, American reaction to an industrialist marrying a (wealthy, light-skinned) Latin American bride would have been something like "ooh, she's so exotic and sophisticated."
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So the other night we went to hear Jill Lapore talk about her book The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Lapore is from outside comics fandom, and it's one of those cases where a fresh angle on the subject is very useful -- her specialty is political history, and her take on the bondage imagery in Marsden's original WW comics is that they were meant by Marsden (who came of age as a male ally to the women's suffrage movement and whose extended (poly) family included Margaret Sanger) and Peters (who had drawn pro-Suffrage cartoons for Judge using the women-in-chains/women-breaking-chains imagery popularized by Annie Lucasta Rogers) as reference to Suffragist imagery and to Pankhurst and others chaining themselves to the gates of Buckingham Palace in protest.

I actually think it's intersectional, as Marsden also pretty explicitly discussed voluntary submission as a demonstration of self-confidence and trust in one's partner; but it's good to hear someone bring up a different take on it than "kinky, hur hur hur." Now I'm curious as to how big an influence Wonder Woman actually had on modern BDSM (of the "safe, sane and consensual" kind); guess I'm going to need to research that.

(I'd also have liked to know more about the relationships between Marsden, Holloway and Byrne, but as Lepore pointed out, they all lived together so there are no letters between them; if you want further historians to know what was up between you and your loved ones, you have to spend time apart from them.)
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Andrew: If they get rid of the black boots with white trim maybe it won't be so bad.

Me: ... Is this about Wonder Woman's new costume?

Andrew: Yes. The boots are supposed to be red. And they'd just got her to a place where I really liked the writing -- she was back to being the Wonder Woman who can talk to people, who engages...

Me: So do you think they were scared that she's not "gritty" enough, and they tried to make up for it by putting her in dark colours? Wonder Woman should not fear primary colours! Or, wait -- do you think this is one of these "Oh, she's from *ancient* times, and they didn't have any bright colours back then?" Because I know every few years historians try to tell the general public that the Parthenon was actually brightly-painted, and it never seems to get through....

By Crom!

Jun. 28th, 2014 10:22 pm
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A webcomic by Rachel Kahn, In which a young artist (who seems to suffer depression and anxiety) gets advice from Conan, and not the Arnold Schwartzenegger version, but Howard's original character. When she asks, "What do I do when it feels like the universe is out to get me?" he considers this, then replies: "First, decide if it is a worthy opponent. If not, I prefer to laugh."
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Dreamt that someone told me [ profile] theengineer had died unexpectedly. I trust that this is not, in fact, the case.

Andrew had to download the new Comixology app, which is currently irritating him by not allowing him to actually buy comics (to do that you have to go to the actual comixology website, then go back into the app, hit "restore" and the new comic should appear.) He is also continuing to enjoy the hell out of the Robert E. Howard Facebook group (it sounds like he's kind of being the unofficial moderator -- i.e., when the official moderator posts a screed against J.K. Rowlings, he tries to divert the subsequent discussion into something a bit more positive.)

His doctor's appointment had to be rescheduled -- I need to figure out a new date -- *not* May 10th, which is what our doctor suggested, as that's the Friends of the Merril's Pulp Show.

Sewed various silly things -- a turban for my mother to wear with her Regency ball gown; tetrahedron-shaped pads (Andrew calls them "lolas") for my 1950s missile-cone bra; and another attempt on the Vionnet handkerchief gown, this one tacked together from four matching square scarves from the Dollarama.
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harley_standing by ennalss
harley_standing, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

The Harley costume is more or less complete -- I still need to do a bit more work on the sleeves, and to sew a snap connecting the jacket and the skirt so they don't gape when I lift my arm. Or I could just wear a black t-shirt underneath.

One thing I've found is that the diamond shapes tend to distort visually when applied to a 3D body. I don't know whether it's possible to counter-distort them if I do another version.

Now she needs a hat (I think in this version of the DC-verse Benjamin Green-Field, of Bes-Ben Hats, actually *is* the Mad Hatter) and the Flit gun.

harley_sitting by ennalss
harley_sitting, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

Cuter photo, though it doesn't show the outfit as well.

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harley_closeup by ennalss
harley_closeup, a photo by ennalss on Flickr.

A couple of weeks ago, I started imagining a late-1940s version of Harley Quinn. I even think she could have a backstory where she worked either on a VA psych ward or in the psychological warfare/propaganda department, and by the end of the war she cracks, and takes refuge in a playful anarchy inspired by the Marx Brothers movies she loved as a kid.

Anyway, I've been making a first attempt at a costume. I'm not really happy with the sleeves (the shoulders should be puffier for one thing) and I need to find some way to get the half-peplum to jut out more. Also I need to make a matching skirt and a hat. But I think I like where this is going. I'm also going to try to make a prop "Flit" insecticide gun, as I envision it as her weapon of choice (Dr. Suess famously drew Flit's ads, and also one of their sprayers appeared in Animal Crackers).

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So - Joss proves once again he can write for large ensemble casts. Everyone got their moment (or several) but the standouts for me were: Black Widow being a particularly Whedonesque sort of femme fatale; Bruce Banner as a rumpled genius professor whose laid-back manner belies the creature everyone keeps waiting to spring out; Agent *Phil* Coulson - oh, Phil, this was your finest hour.

Also liked: Loki's maniacal grin; Cap finally hearing a pop-culture reference he gets; Black Widow's interrogation technique; "You know, last time I was in Germany and a man was standing over a crowd, he and I ended up coming to a disagreement."

Stay through the credits - I mean *all* the credits.


Mar. 31st, 2012 03:57 pm
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Visit to the doctor's office determined that I've been forgetting to give him some of his pills, which is probably the main source of his various recent problems; good - I can fix that, at least.

Afterwards we crossed town to check out The Comics Lounge, which seems to be staffed mainly by people who used to work at Dragon Lady. Except for being at the top of a steep and narrow staircase, it's pretty good. Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) is currently writing and drawing a horror comic, Rachel Rising and the collected issues 1-6 have just come out. Rachel wakes in a shallow grave outside her small town, with rope burns on her neck, bloodshot eyes and no memory of what turns out to be the previous two days. Naturally she turns to her butch "Aunt Johnny" (unclear if she's actually her aunt, or her late mother's lover, but she's the only family our heroine has, and also she's the town mortician), and to her best friend Jet, to help figure out what's happened to her; meanwhile, more supernatural stuff is afoot.

I hadn't heard of this comic before, but I think I'm going to be following it.
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Moebius (Jean Giraud) drawing on a graphics tablet in 2009, before a live audience, by the looks of it.


Feb. 26th, 2012 08:48 am
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I missed this sketch when MAD Tv was actually running: Living Next Door to Catwoman. Phil Lamarr as Andy, Debra Wilson as Eartha Kitt as Catwoman.
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Did more backgrounds yesterday. This story is going to involve a lot of wallpaper patterns.

Need to knuckle down and start finalizing the figures tonight.
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Started laying out the first couple of pages for (working title) Perfectly Positioned. Posted a couple of snapshots of the backgrounds on my tumblr:
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Have decided to try writing/drawing another comic, this one based on an idea I had a few years ago for a noir-thriller-pastiche. Will try and make it a series of short stories to avoid the running-out-of-steam mid-epic problems I had with Personal Information. I'm also going to give the characters faces with this one. I may do it greyscale, not to make it look "old" but so if I decide to publish in book format I won't face the costs of colour printing (or alternately, it will work on b&w e-readers.)

The big thing with anything period is all the research, and a visual medium doubles the work - you have to look up at least a half-dozen details every time a character walks into a new room. I spent all this morning trying to learn enough about mid-century hair dyes to decide if the opening scene I envisioned will even work. Once I get the main character through that, I have to take her into a diner, which should be easier to find visuals for, as it's a pretty archetypal location.

In keeping with this, I finally caved and got that book of 1920s-40s crime scene photos I first saw last year; not so much for the actual crime details (which are probably too gruesome to draw, unless I want to lose 99% of my readers, and their lunches, right away) but for the locations - since in theory the police weren't supposed to touch the scene before taking the photo, these should be pretty accurate portrayals of a cross-section of American homes of the time*. Also, the photos of suspects and victims should give me a roster of unglamourized faces to draw from.

Meanwhile, I now know something about the following topics not directly related to my plot:

Shirley Polykoff, legendary ad writer (supposedly one of the characters on Mad Men is based on her)

Murray's Pomade, formulated in 1925 and still in business.

The Blackburn cult.

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles - 1950s lesbian pulp-fiction in which not everybody ends tragically!

*The camera angles tend to be pointed towards the floor, however.
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Read down the page (via Stupid Comics) and tell me this western comic couldn't be re-captioned as a (badly-drawn) graphic Hexslinger fanfic....
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Why was I not aware of Travis Pitts before? I am so envious of this guy's talent!
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The Friends of the Merril Collection held their annual flea market today. Came away with a cardboard Hellboy mask, various goth/punk/loli accessories, a coffee mug with cute Japanese thingummies on it, a t-shirt with various chains, straps, and lo-rez pictures of ants on it... and a dvd of Graveyard Shift. Talked to Dave of Mister Kitty (which I mostly read for the Stupid Comics). I think I might have scared him a little.
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How does Tintin give his name on official forms? Does he write “First name: Tin, Last name: Tin?”

He travels a lot, so I can’t believe this never comes up.


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