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 It's possible I'm the last one to know this -- I'd seen a couple of pages floating around Tumblr of a Junji Ito story involving a cat. Today I finally googled "Junji Ito cat" and discovered there's a whole manga called Junji Ito's Cat Diaries (scans of the first few chapters here), which is basically gentle domestic comedy about Ito, his wife, and their two cats; but it's still drawn in Ito's horror-manga style.

Anytime J-Kun (Ito) is surprised by something (which is often) there's a closeup of his bloodshot, horrified eyes. His wife A-Ko, meanwhile, has completely white, pupil-less eyes in most panels, which make her constant smile the stuff of nightmares.

As for the cats, Yon has "a cursed face" and spots on his back that look like a skull; Mu seems like a fairly normal Norwegian Forest Cat, but sometimes he bites. Generally everything looks like it's going to turn gruesome, but never does, although J-Kun sometimes hallucinates.
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Younger cat Nyarlathotep is still with us after several days in hospital with acute renal failure. Still not sure what happened, but he's beaten some heavy odds (and PetCare should cover *most* of the bill. Sigh.) Carter sniffed him thoroughly when he returned, but didn't hiss as much as I'd expected. According to Andrew, Narly inspected each room of the apartment and chattered at it, which is normally his noise of disapproval, but in context may have been a statement that they are his once more. He's now curled up by the window listening to the rain which has finally broken, ending Andrew's barometric headache.

I find I'm mostly using Tumblr as my platform of choice these days; I think I'm going to start cross-posting these updates there instead of to Dreamwidth (which I've been forgetting to do anyway).

Apparently a peacock escaped from the High Park Zoo on Wednesday, was coaxed back into the park by staff, and escaped again on Thursday. He is apparently still at large, it being impossible to keep him at home now that he's seen the bright lights of Roncesvalles Avenue.

Cat Update

Oct. 10th, 2013 09:16 pm
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OK, so it looks as though what happened was:
1. Narly had to have some teeth pulled, and was put on canned food only while he recovered. This meant both cats had to go canned food only.
2. Carter, who's always been a bit overweight, lost some weight on the all-canned-food diet (because it's more filling than the dry kibble).
3. We thought, "great! let's keep them on the canned stuff."
4. Carter lost too much weight too fast and developed liver problems.

Various tests and pills later, Carter has finally put a few ounces back on and it's beginning to look as though his health has pulled out of that particular nosedive, so we can go into Canadian Thanksgiving feeling thankful for that (also way relieved, because the vet called on Monday to make an appointment to discuss the biopsy results, and we both spent the week privately thinking that meant "news too bad to give over the phone," and not daring to discuss our fears with each other.)
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Been a mildly stressful few weeks, here. Read more... )

Cat News

Sep. 13th, 2013 08:24 pm
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Carter is not at all happy about having to take pills, but seems pleased with the new cat food; which is reassuring.

Cat News

Jul. 5th, 2013 06:38 am
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So, Narly (our younger cat) had to have five teeth out this week; I'm going to have to make sure we're frugal for at least the rest of the year to pay that off. I think we might be off to a good start, given that Andrew hadn't been feeling too well the last couple of weeks (I think part of it was worry over Narly), so we haven't been going out.

Narly, meanwhile, seems to be recovering just fine, and doesn't hold a grudge against us; I hope he keeps his patience in the face of the antibiotic pills I have to give him for the next while. The painkiller is in liquid form, so i just squirt a dose down his throat.

Carter, OTOH, keeps hissing at him, because he looks like Narly but doesn't smell right and he thinks he's some kind of alien imposter. To be fair, even I can tell Narly smells like the vet -- when i cuddle him I get a faint whiff of disinfectant.
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In Trouble Is My Business, Marlowe finds himself (unwillingly) in the office of a gangster/politician who strokes a Persian cat as he sneers. It's a black Persian, not a white one, and behaves so realistically (she gets bored and biting her master, or wanders off to sit on his desk and wash one single toe on her left hind paw) that I figured Chandler must have had cats himself. Well: it seems his secretary was a cat; that is to say, his cat, Taki, liked to sleep on his manuscripts. So much so, apparently, that she found her way into one story.

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When they were deep enough in the woods to feel safe, Nine’s mother built a fire Read more... )
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I don't know if this comes directly after the previous scene, or if there should be something in between.
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Nov. 6th, 2012 04:57 am
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Ran out of cat food (wet *and* dry) last night:

(opens can of tuna)

Carter: Yay! OMNOMNOM.

Narly: I -- I don't know what that is. No. Just no.

This morning:

(opens can of salmon)

Carter: W00t!eleventy1111!!

Narly: (runs and hides)
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Another cat-themed vintage SF story. I think Captain Wow has the best name in the story.

After reading a little about Cordwainer Smith, I tried to find an online copy of 'Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons.' I haven't, but by googling that phrase I have warned Nostrilla's defenders of my interest in their planet.

ETA - but I did find The Dead Lady of Clown Town. Woah.

ETA2 - which I should note does contain a very dub-con relationship; I'm willing to accept that the Hunter is totally sincere in his belief that sex between himself and Elaine is both pre-ordained and necessary to the cause - what makes things problematic is that he's a telepath, so Elaine can't *help but* share his belief as soon as they meet.

I find myself more interested, though, in trying to figure out *why* it's necessary - Smith not being a writer who specializes in straightforward explanation. My thoughts so far: Smith was working off the template of Joan of Arc, so D'Joan has to be a virgin martyr; however, he didn't want said virginity to imply that sexuality is bad, so her transformation to full personhood requires her to receive a telepathic imprint off two blissfully post-coital humans; either so she can understand the apex of human experience (1), or because she's undergoing a rebirth and someone must take the role of parents and re-conceive her.

(1) I originally typed that as "the ape of human experience," which kind of fits with the theme.
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Why have I not seen this before? Even from the clips I found on youtube, I'm grinning -- Samurai Jack-style animation, filled with little details: Pangur Ban has one blue and one green eye; Aisling can't pass between iron bars (or into a monastery, most likely), so she sends the cat into the building, turned to knotwork under her singing, as a thread to lead Brendan out.

Also, um, problematic Vikings, albeit the story does need a Big Bad.
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Two managers in my office, discussing a possible new hire:

"So, he was an elderly man?"

"I couldn’t get a bead on his age."

"But he had a 'grim reaper' personality?"

"Not his personality, his appearance. Like, dyed jet-black hair, black suit, black tie, white shirt, really tall and skinny… he rescues cats."

"He’s Superman?!"

"He didn’t look as though he was wearing tights under his suit."


"But what’s all this cat-saving going to bring to the job?"

"Nothing, I just asked what he did outside of work."
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The CNE Air Show is in full roar. Narly doesn't seem overly disturbed but he is curious enough about the sounds to watch the window instead of the Grenada Sherlock Holmes dvds playing on the tv.
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My god, it's like a live-action version of Lackadaisy; and that is one patient (and stylin') Abyssinian modeling it all.


Nov. 26th, 2011 07:59 am
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Quick drawing of one of my cats.


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