Jan. 6th, 2012 09:38 pm
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Hey handful_ofdust, here's that muppet-y picture I mentioned to you at kelpqueen's New Year's Eve party.
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Watched my ex-Blockbuster copy of My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. It was indeed about as weird as you'd expect a Herzog/Lynch team-up to be.

Also, perhaps because I watched it in bed (green_trilobite was watching Kick-Ass in the living room), it was weirdly soothing. I think there was something of the "even a tragic fate is satisfying because at least it's a fate instead of life just being all random" going on as a theme...

Dafoe listens well as everyone tells him their story, and Michael Pena kind of grew on me as the junior detective anxious to do something heroic. Udo Kier is pretentious and slightly confused, Chloe Sevigne faintly exasperated. Michael Shannon is believably, mythically nuts, and Graze Zabriskie is the most smothering mom ever (her twitchiness is both creepy and hilarious). Dourif only has a couple of scenes as Shannon's redneck ostrich-farmer uncle, who seems in some way to be a marginally less-crazy version of his nephew, but both are pretty memorable. The flamingoes and the oatmeal turn in fine supporting performances.
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OK, I can only assume Moreau will actually get some dialogue next season, because otherwise that was less use of Dourif than Pulse.
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We've just started watching the season finale of Fringe.

g_t: Is that Dourif?

me: Yep. And I think that might be the back of his head.

g_t: Happy now?

me: Yes. He looks angsty.

g_t: He likes music.

me: He's got a bomb. Or else he brought his lunch in one of those tiffin things.

Moreau blows up the opera with some kind of warp thing.

g_t: Hey, it's the world's worst dad, from LotR!

Walter: Late Paleozooic, 250 million years ago! Sauropods!

g_t: Do you have *any idea* how many mistakes he just made?
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Wow, Fringe is really determined to make me watch their season finale: Brad Dourif has been cast as a mysterious mystery guy.


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:16 pm
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In which birds discuss the varying creepiness of certain actors (source - Having recently rewatched the Omen movies, I'd say that Sam Neil was creepy long before any exposure to velociraptors.
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The Speakeasy Comics Show went off well - there seemed to be a bit more media there than in 2008 when I last participated - we were all interviewed for a comics webjournal (I have to look up which one) and there were a couple of photographers. I got quite excited because I recognized the works across from me from this movie I've been waiting for. Turns out Eshwin Dhir was the artistic director on the project as well - he says the tie-in comic is currently at the lettering stage, and will be released alongside the film, whenever that happens. So I had a painted image of Brad Dourif glaring at me from the corner of the room all evening, which I'm totally ok with.

ETA - the webjournal for which I was interviewed is


Jan. 17th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Doc Cochran CHIBI
by ~AmandaBellman on deviantART

I would also like to thank deviantart for the best fannish statement this week:

"I guess it's rare to find someone else who likes celebrity-giant-fanfic."
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Yesterday I watched the copy of Wise Blood I'd got myself for my birthday. It's just as strange a movie as everyone says, and I'll probably need to watch it some more. Preliminary thoughts:

This has got to hold some sort of record for "most mentions of Jesus in an adapted screenplay." Seriously, I don't think the actual Gospels contain this many mentions of Jesus. If you were to play a slightly blasphemous drinking game, you'd likely pass out during the opening credits.

Hazel Motes has a really dysfunctional relationship with his car. Still deciding what the car symbolizes - initially it seemed like: being a guy who is trying to be an atheist, but who is by nature really very religious, Motes has to put his faith somewhere, so he keeps putting it in his car (and with this car, that's probably a serious mistake). Thinking it over, though, I noticed that the car would break down at really specific moments, like it was trying to tell him something (Balaam's ass?)

Also, it's kind of scary watching Dourif hit the steering wheel *over and over and over*.

Favourite line: "There used to be a fire escape out there. Don't know what became of it." LOL.

Where did Motes' family go while he was off in the army? Did they die ("Gone to Become an Angle" - best misspelling ever)? Just take off with no forwarding address, saying "quick, let's hop it before that little freak comes back?" Because that house is way decrepit. Maybe he was gone a lot longer than he thought (fantasizes Motes going off to the Civil War and not making it back till the 1970s).


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