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1. Frock Flicks shares my opinion of the costumes, i.e. commendably accurate except for that blue dress, and I think we can all handwave that as "Diana's powers include the ability to instantly restyle an evening gown stolen from a Prussian officer's wife."
2. Given how events turned out, the gas in the capsules General Ludendorff was taking must have been non-supernatural in nature. Andrew and I think some kind of cocaine derivative, with radium somehow mixed in to explain the weird glow. Which means Diana, in killing him, almost certainly saves him from a much nastier death a few months or years down the road. Also, Dr. Maru probably lies awake at night seething that Mme. Curie over on the French side of the line is using radium to power x-ray machines and save lives.

3. I'm glad Ares' helmet came off again at the end of the fight, because a looming figure in armour is just not as impressive as David Thewlis in an overcoat..

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Here's what I use:

When I was cross-posting, DW would automatically convert to lj-cut.

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Thanks for the tip about Frock Flicks, which was a cheerful read.

Date: 2017-06-07 04:19 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] stardreamer
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There's no difference. The lj-cut tag works on DW just as it did on LJ.


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