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 One of the people I follow on Tumblr just made a series of posts about her concern that she's too far left to fit in with "Liberals," but thinks the Left is too violent, especially as she's been victimized in the past and now doesn't like any violence. I've seen enough from her that I'm willing to take her word on this (i.e. I don't think she's given to hand-wringing on behalf of the neo-Nazis). I disagree with her position, but I'm trying to put my own into words -- over here first, and possibly only.

I think I'm sort of coming at it from the opposite direction, i.e. I'm cheerful enough about the prospect of punching Nazis that I figure I should do some self-examination to make sure I'm not fantasizing about violence against an admissible target.

So far, I've got:

1. One should avoid using violence if possible, but if people intend harm, and reasoned argument or appeals to their better nature aren't working, it is acceptable to fight them physically.

2. One should try, however, not to be so angry as to use excessive force.

3. "Not using excessive force" means ending the fight as quickly as possible, to minimize damage. One's strategies may, therefore, include "giving the leader one good punch, so as to scare the rest into backing down." I don't mean this to sound flippant, although it probably requires good judgement to successfully chase off, rather than encourage.

4. I can't ask my Tumblr acquaintance, or anyone else repelled by this, to go along, and she may need to avoid going to protests for her own safety.
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