Apr. 13th, 2017

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 I am qualified to knit, so here's hoping the yarn company throws some work my way. I had an interview Monday with a temp agency which I thought I flubbed, but I must have done ok on the aptitude tests because they sent me in for an interview with the client yesterday. That one I thought went well, but today the temp agency says I was rejected:
"They felt that you had great technical skills for the role however, they are not confident that it would be a good fit with the administrators."
I tried asking whether I'd been too assertive or too quiet, and was told "Personality wouldn’t fit with other personalities." So I don't know whether the interview disliked me, or whether someone else was listening in, or heard a description of me afterwards and thought "not her."

I mean, if the company culture is like that, I'm probably better off not working there, but I don't like having my paranoia encouraged. Anyway, I've got an interview with another company on the 28th, so I'll see how that one goes.


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